How do you Dissrupt Delve

Hello its my first post on the forums does anyone know what logistics networks the null group out in Delve use, if other groups target this network then that would help. The big groups out there do the same to us poor folk in high-sec on a daily basis. Any thoughts on this?

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Say it… Say Goons. You want to shoot Goons


I don’t know about all of them but about one specific guy:

There are 16 characters called “Aronin B[illion/untu/ad/etc]”. Thes are all alts of the guy BlueRino, who is an alt of Bruno Rino. This guy has a regular trek of up to 16 Charons autopiloting from Jita to Khanid, and there into low sec Tegheon or Rilera (depends on their mood, I guess).

On the way from Jita to Khanid, they are always filled with millions of units of Heavy Water (which they apparently need desperately for their Rorqual botting), on the way back they are sometimes empty, sometimes filled with valuable loads of other ice products, minerals and other things. You can gank these Charons easily in Niarja, Col, Palas or other places, or even in Tegheon or Rilera itself (unless the guy is too chicken and uses his 8 Rhea alts).

Another group that goes with freighters into low sec are these guys. I think I’ve also seen them every other day fly from Jita towards Khanid.

There are 2 attack vectors to have fun with their high sec activities. :slight_smile:

So ngoiD is an alternate name for goons now? 'k…

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Collapsible blocks are... Your friend. Seriously. Longest â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  scroll ever.

Hello, so this is your first post in the forums huh?

I don’t understand why you decided to post a thread like this but hey, I hope your question get’s answered…

Cloak in local… :upside_down_face:


So you want other people to fight for you because you’re too scared to leave highsec? Like, why would anyone do anything for you?

I was wondering if other people would notice those freighters…

No, she wants someone™ to do something™!

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