How does the new mobile cynosural beacon work?

I am wondering how this new mobile cynosural beacon actually works?
Do you need a cyno ship on the other side to jump too or?


It works the same (mechanically) as any other cyno beacon, you anchor it, you wait 2 minutes, you jump to it like you would any other fixed becon

Or are you asking what a cyno even does? because if you’re not a capital pilot these won’t have any value to you other than as things to shoot at

You can also jump your blops and freighter to it, even on same char. Capital movement without second char/account is now possible.

No you do not need a cyno ship on the other side to jump to. You just need to anchor the mobile cyno beacon.

As I understood it (haven’t tried it yet):

When you drop the mobile cyno beacon, it becomes available to anyone in your fleet after two minutes. Your character can drop fleet, join another fleet or log off and the cyno will still be available for the first fleet.

Cyno burns for an hour and is not re-usable. (You cannot pick it up again)

You do not need a cyno ship, just a ship with a cargo bay large enough to carry this thing and anchor it. Also you need the right anchoring skill (level 3? 4? It cannot be done as Alpha is what I know).

And as Tipa said, you could now jump to your own cyno without second account. Drop a cyno beacon, travel back to your capital ship system, hop in your capital and jump to your own cyno beacon. Or easier, with a second character: drop cyno beacon, log off, log in with capital ship pilot, join the fleet of the other character (I guess you will still need someone to keep this fleet alive) and jump to your own cyno beacon.

Yeah, fleet needs to live the entire time you need the beacon. Once the last char leaves the fleet with the beacon it becomes just a candle to watch.

I dont know, but someone put one up in

60 Billion ISK heavy jumpfreighters and Titans jumping on it.
The beacon provides…?
Put one up and see what happens.

i thought also cloaky capable ships were able to warp to it?

If they aren’t in your fleet, nothing happens, people can’t use them unless they are in your fleet

Any ship can warp to it, it will show systemwide once the cyno is lit and you can warp to it like you can any other cyno

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