Mobile Cyno beacon

hi, i asked in rookie help and some other… but there is no answer.

what does this 10 min mean?

after 10 min it is still online:

Nothing looks like a bug, unused number.

BTW, this is not a new player question, as this only affects “end-game” equipment, and also because you are not a new player. I’ll flag your post so it gets moved.

endgame with anchoring 3?^^ LOL i am new in this area…

Endgame with the ships you need this gadget.
A newbro in a Coercer doesn’t feel the inner urge to set up cynos after completing the carreer agents :wink:

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ISD Bahamut

While it may require low skills, the cynosural field this beacon creates is used only for ships with a jump drive. A ship with a jump drive can jump many lightyears from one solar system to another to one of these cyno beacons. Those ships (jump freighters, capital ships, black ops battleships) are considered endgame ships.

A newbie with anchoring level 3 has no use anchoring one of these beacons unless a friend asks for help moving his endgame ship around.

Arisha is trolling as usual. :wink: He is the Moonpire MTU spammer in Jita/Perimeter, and operates ~100 accounts, and an army of jump freighters and Rorquals for whole sale mining and industry operations for years.

and even it is end game content, what ever endgame in eve is, then nobody cares, that ccp is not able to bring a correct description and a picture? no time? to much to do with skins?

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