CYNO Idea (Just for fun topic)

What would happen if cyno were station fits and not fitted on ships?

What would be the strategy and tactical play?

I’m just curious what would happen? :relieved:

Pirate would finally be able to take Amarr station with them to gank Miners hmmmm

You know that there is difference between lighting up cyno and jumping to it?

You mean like a Cyno Beacon?..that already exists?

Well I was thinking if an alliance own the station someone with rights could activate the CYNO and caps would jump to the station. I don’t know if the CYNO could be jammed since I’m not a nullsecer

Would this cause a sub cap battle?

Listen I’m not advocating this should be done I’m just wondering if wanted to take the system could you stop the caps landing in the system of the CYNO was a station module. :thinking:

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