Medium Vorton Projector in Highsec against War members

Hi, how does it work, when i shoot at a “war target” with Medium Vorton Projector and in the same place is a neutral character and my saftey is enabled but that weapon jump up to 10 targets…

If safty is green it won’t hit people that will get you concorded or make you suspect

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Did they fix that? It used to go to arc to suspects.

Arcs to suspects but safty settings don’t affect the ability to shoot suspects

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Lost a Skybreaker yesterday, while flying HS combat sites with green safety. No Wars at all!
Player showed up, deployed his drones and yellow boxed me.

I do believe, that the Vorton hit his drones while yellow boxing and I became a suspect. Was quite suprised and even faster scrammed :frowning:

I made a ticket an waiting for the investigation from CCP. If this is a legit mechanic, i won’t use Vorton Weapons anymore if green saftey doesn’t protect.

I hope this will be clarfied soon.

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So you did not become suspect.

The Vorton projector arcs to all valid targets. A suspect entering your mission will cause your vorton projector to arc to him or his drones since he is a valid target. This creates a limited engagement between the two of you which allows him to defend himself.

You can shoot at a suspect even if your safety is on green.

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He wasn’t suspect when he entered. Just yellow boxed me. I now have to believe that I became suspect to him, because he probably did loot one of my wrecks and so became suspect to me, while the Vorton arcs around. Sounds more likely than the drone assumption, the more I think about it.
And therefore he was able to “defend” himself.

He was in a pvp fit and he also submitted doing this “strategy” is not for the first time.

I was streaming, when it happened. So you could see, that just yellow boxing in combination with drones or maybe wreck looting caused the “suspect” issue (that’s my guess, till CCP tells me something different)
Timestamp 1h56m

Looking at the video it seems that he made himself suspect, but with the intention of kicking my a**. Thats why he targeted me few seconds bevor, to set his point right after the fight was legal.

Whatever it is/was. Using the Vorton is self-suicide, if an easy triggering to “suspect state” allows to the (pvp) oponent to fight you legally.


According to the video.

That is what happened. He went suspect by looting which had your guns arc to him allowing him to shoot you.

Well thanks for the confirmation.
Didn’t had the wreckage suspect flag on my mind.

But that’s a NoGo for Vorton projectors… for now at least.

I love the ships…

But for what I need it for, unusable while that is possible.

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wait, usually, when you have safety at green, you can not shoot yellow targets. but the vorton ignores it?

Being on green does not stop you from shooting at suspects. They are a valid target for anybody, hence why the projector will arc to them.

Exactly. But you can’t control it.
So you have to deactive your Vorton weapon, everytime somebody shows up nearby, just in case he’s going to do can flipping or any other “suspect” behaviour.
Could be really worse, if some decloaks near you and is going to be a suspect in no time. An active arc could still hit him, if you don’t react in time.

For me, it is a kind of exploit. The Vorton Arcs jumps uncontrolled to valid targets, so green safety is good as long as no pvp player shows up and triggers a suspect timer.

Here is the cool thing.

You can always setup a trap for people.

I use logi and additional DPS alts. As long as you get your logi on the suspect (using ECM Drones or Combat Drones), you can rep everybody shooting at the suspect as well. This is where they loose their ship :slight_smile: Nobody can rep them. Neuts and ECM will end any suspect in a mission pocket.

I say that as somebody that does this a lot, so it might seem like a tall order, but this is also where working as a corp together makes a difference.

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