Can I attack suspect in Partial Safety Setting?

I am doing lv4 mission when someone warp in and destroyed my MTU, from EVE University Wiki I read that this will give him a suspect timer for 15 min and anyone can attack him.

However, when I try to attack him, it shows that only DISABLE SAFETY setting can allow me to attack him. Why is this??

Update: He come do a second time, I attacked him and he destroyed my Dominix with a Vexor Navy. I guess first time when I search for whether I can attack him the timer past. So my question now is how to estimate whether I can win a PvP and why the hell MTU attack only give suspect? (sorry for the language, I just lost my first Dominix…)

Oh sis. Welcome to EVE.

Next time just let the MTU burn.

As you found out, that MTU cost you much more.

Any Lvl 4 ship you got that is PvE fit, will not likely be able to beat the ship they bring.

Next time just let the MTU burn.

You should be able to shoot at a suspect with Green safety settings.

If they suspect bait you then most probably whatever they bring, even if just some mere frigate, have an almost guarantee they can beat you with it, for the simple fact they would not bait you in the first place if they didn’t think they can kill you successfully (otherwise they would just gank you instead) :wink:

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Ok… guess a lesson learnt. Thank you!

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I was in High sec so I thought they were just annoying by killing MTUs, now I learn they can use this way as a bait…

Yeah that’s a common activity called suspect baiting, a d totally fine . you can use that against them too, you can fit a ship for pvp and pretend you are doing missions, when they realize it’s too late. or have a pvp alt cloaked close by both work.

That’s right, a suspect can be attacked by everyone, while not everyone can attack the non-suspect attackers in Highsec. So theoretically OP can bring a whole fleet, but the baiter can’t.

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