MTU hunting question

I blew up someones MTU and Concord blows up my ship and lowers my sec status. Normally I just get a suspect timer. I blew up one last night and no Concord. Has something changed? Both were in high sec.

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Ok, so read this just to be sure and it states that any Deployables will give Suspect Timer when attacked.

Thanks so much

@Keno_Kane edited my response to the correct answer, and a link where you can read about it.

Shooting an MTU gives suspect, shooting the wreck gets you concorded. You probably accidentally locked and shot something else nearby.

BTW, having safety off in highsec just begs to get concorded.

Yes unless you want to suicide gank you should have your safeties on yellow and do every activity there is (obviously except for suicide ganking). :policeman:

don’t kill mtu with SB.

(If you don’t get the joke, remember SB has two meanings)

Check out made by @Pix_Severus ! He talks about his adventures and even has a guide up! Good morning, everyone!

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