Questions with regards to Vorton Projector


I am wondering what kind of targets will be hit by a Vorton Projector arc.

  1. Can it be used safely in high sec or am I always at risk to get concorded because accidentally hitting a neutral like with Smart Bombs?

  2. will it engage my own ship if I am in Range?

  3. will it engage my own drones?

  4. How about my fleet member ships and drones?

Please share your experiences.
Thank you and best regards,

  1. Yes it will get you Concorded
  2. No
  3. Yes
  4. Yes

Its a good weapon, but requires major management, and careful target selection. If done right you’ll reduce the chances of hitting friendlies and your own drones.

Thank you.
Number 1 is very disappointing as it makes usage in High-Sec Triglevian Invasion systems very hard. This is very disappointing!

CCP, why can’t the Vorton Projector at least use my security settings for arc targets selection. If it is set to Green only „green“ valid targets should be selected.

Also usage in low-sec seems to be very limited unless you are a pirate and don‘t care about standing losses.

So in summary: we get a very overpriced weapon with underwhelming damage output and high risk of usage. Sounds like there is still a lot to do…

If you have safety green it will never bounce to another player who isn’t a valid target and get you CONCORDED which is really good for highsec PVE/PVP. It can bounce to suspects however


Thank you, so this means 1 is No!
This is good.

Have you conferred the green does stop the bounce in highsec?

It does not stop the bounce. By having your safety on green it will only jump to a valid target based on your safety settings. So it will jump to a target that you can shoot at with green safeties.

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The mass test on Sisi tested this specifically. Bouncing isn’t stopped but it will only pick legal targets. You can’t be Concorded with safety set to green.


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