Shield Maintenance Drones

How do you make them work? I was trying to assign them to take care of a fleet member and it didn’t seem to work. What is the command you give?

I know this sounds stupid, but I just wasn’t able to figure it out.

No it just sounds like eve lol.

But to answer your question it is the same as any drone just lock the target and press F


Yes, indeedy, it is EVE. I was wondering if I gave that command maybe I’d get Concordokkened.

I recall my first toon in EVE back in 2006. During the tutorial, I shot my own jetcan. You guessed it, Concorde warped in and vaped me, and I collected a hefty hit to my security standing, which then made it hard to find a corp.

In a way this was good, because it gave me a realistic idea of what EVE is like - and it made me hard, bold, and wicked. I was like, “well, ■■■■ me! They hang you for a sheep, they hang you for a lamb, might as well steal the whole buggering flock!”

That account later got perma-banned. RIP Colette Reynard.

If in doubt, press the button anyway.

As long as your safety isn’t red, you won’t be allowed to take any action that makes CONCORD angry.

I recommend playing with safety green or yellow by default, unless you want to suicide gank in high sec or shoot pods in low sec. I don’t believe there are other reasons to have safety red.

logistics in LS. odds are someone is going to shoot a pod in your fleet.

Good point, I missed that.

I rarely fly in low sec. :yum:

LoSec is exciting, like Las Vegas! You might lose your ass, but you might strike it big. Yes, the odds always favor the house, but you never know…

you need to target your teammate and tell drones to engage.

This can be tricky if you happen to have combat drones out too, as you can by accident tell these to attack your teammate.

other thing to do is be sure you’re in the same fleet, as CONCORD will see this as an attack on another player if not in the same fleet, can come along and blow you out of the sky.

assign only tells the drones to protect the target.

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