Safety vs. Target icon color

So… It seems that if you have neutral standings with the Triglavian ships that show up on gates occasionally, that their ship icons are white in color, not red, but even if your “safety” is set to green, you can shoot them, which appears to result in a quick death.

Is this a standard mechanic? Isn’t there usually a “proceed with this dangerous act?” warning?

The safety setting only applies to other players and some specific Concordable actions. It would never apply to shooting rats - OBVIOUSLY they will shoot back!


Then what is the coloring for? The Drifters appear red, but never do anything more than scan, which is the same as the Triglavians.

I guess I’m curious about the inconsistency of the icon colors.

unlike drifters, you can actually get positive standings straight away with trigs, by attacking edencom. Similar to Diamond Rats, you can be White, blue, or Red with them, depending on standings with their particular Faction.

Oh. Ok, so it’s a standings thing.

Thank you.

The underlying reason for the colour is to warn you when they may attack without warning.

A good example are “diamond rats” - those shown with a diamond symbol in the name. If you have a slightly negative standing then they are red. If you are heavily negative they are red and will attack you without warning.
If they are blue because you have a slight positive to them, they’ll ignore you. Very positive and their logistics ships will repair you.

Interactions between entities in Eve is complex and leads to emergent behaviour - I recall CCP noting that one of the biggest battles in Eve was NPC v NPC in a system where no Capsuleers were present.

I like the idea of us being in a living Cluster rather than just “on rails” entities. But Emergent System behaviour is a tricky thing to balance.
CCP should be praised for heading that way.

(@CCP_Aurora - please make sure the relevant developers in CCP know it’s appreciated. They get too much abuse here and they do some incredible things)


Did you ever attack a drifter? That’s thrilling! Don’t stay too long on the grid.

Try that again with a Frozen Corpse in your Cargo Hold, see what happens.

That is awesome.

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