PvE engagement - colour of icons on overview

Hey, I’m a bit confused regarding the colour of PvE phenomenon on the overview. Is it always a rule of thumb that red icons are hostile and will/can shoot you at any time? The reason I ask comes from two observations. The first is that I’ve seen white diamond icons on the directional scanner, I think they were named Gurista-something. I don’t know if they will appear red on my overview if I saw them, but I couldn’t remember seeing this white diamond icon before.

The other observation is from the ongoing event with Edencom. I get a warning when I enter their system and sometimes I can see Edencom turrets near the gate. However, they appear white to me, so I’m confused if they will shoot me? (I used a cloaked ship just in case). I tried to see my standings with them but couldn’t find it anywhere.

So yeah, how much can I trust the colour of PvE icons on the overview? I’m perfectly aware that other players can shoot me regardless of their colour. This is strictly a PvE question.

Anyone? :grimacing:

Yeah, red npc are hostle. Diamond can be npc mining fleets or “diamond rats” which might mean there is a FOB in that system. Probably best not to shoot them unprepared.

the colour icon are set by you (open “overview settings”) so…

White or blue NPCs on overview should not shoot at you normally unless you shoot them first. On Dscan there is no color so you would have to gauge the possibility by their name. For example, diamond rats would generally be hostile unless you have high enough standings with their faction.

Thanks for the answers all. Can someone tell me though how I see my standings with Edencom? Their turrets appear white to me and I reckon they won’t shoot me, but I still get a warning when I enter their system as if they’re a threat.

No, that’s wrong and misleading.
Some red players have just a terrible standing with you or your Corp/Alliance, but if you attack in Highsec, CONCORD will destroy you. On the other hand white/grey players can also shoot you any time. Depending on rules, CONCORD may interfere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be shot at.

Click on you character portrait top left corner, third folder “Interactions” shows all your standings.

Just tick “don’t show again”.

I did say that my question solely was concerning PvE targets. I know that players can shoot me regardless of their colour.

Regarding the Edncom standing, it’s not there. I looked thoroughly through all my standings.

If you haven’t done anything to influence Edencom standing then there won’t be an entry there. From what I can tell, with no standings Edencom errs towards not shooting you whereas Trigs err towards shooting you with no standings.

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I see, thanks!

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