Anyone Ever Seen This In a Mission?

For a second they spawned as blue and then went their normal red color after the screenie. Curious if anyones saw anything like it or if its a CCP programming shenanigans glitch.

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Huh, I’ve never seen this before. Pretty sure it’s a glitch, though if it isn’t it’d make for some interesting content. Will keep an eye out for something like this on future mission.

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It probably has something to do with how CCP changed the display of npc’s depending on your standing. They did this to solve the problem of the pirate mining teams showing as blue to a lot of people (because of standings when the effect of skills was applied)

If I were you I would bug report that. Someone is likely to lose a ship if that keeps happening.


It only lasted like 5sec or so, long enough to grab the screenshot and when done it was the normal NPC red.

Yes, CCP changed those mining NPCs. Ive just have never saw this sort of color change. Often you will see a noticeable color change on wrecks. If Im in a fleet and I shoot an NPC and the original standings would make the wreck yellow for me itll pop out as yellow and then change quickly to white. This change lasted longer though so was curious.

Kinda beginning to think back end code rewrite but I think I should submit a ticket.

Thanx for the replies.

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I noticed the NPCs are fed navy (or something similar) NPCs. Do you have positive standings with the Fed Navy?

It seems possible that they are originally coloured blue as you have positive standings to them, then are changed to red once they turn hostile.

In short, you might have been shooting your friends (blue) and made them enemies (red) :frowning:

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Just members of the Great Blue Donut which has sprinkles of faux-aggression.

That looks like the “Enemies Abound 2 or 4 of 5” level 4 mission. The federation lochos are the trigger for the second and third wave before you can enter to the second room.

The next room only has the wave that you see when you enter and the mission 4 of 5 has a third room, where you have to shoot a station after you killed all enemy forces.
Make sure, you come back and collect the wrecks because they drop the Gallente tags your need for a Caldari LP store.
After doing this mission 50 times (I think), you can get a Caldari Navy Invulerability field, which you can sell for 400 million isk.
Keep an eye on your Gallente standing in case you want to go Dodixie at some point.

But yeah, the colors are of.

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No this is the second wave upon spawning. And you notice the one red BS on the left and the rest are incorrectly blue. This is also the second room to the mission itself so quite a few of those “friends” got shot before this happened.

Shooting blues e’eryday.:smiling_imp:

@elitatwo oh so is that why they never had a bounty? dang, I must be missing out.:thinking:

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I’ve had it happen before in reverse in the resource wars sites, the orca and allied npcs were red to me for several minutes, then turned blue suddenly.


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