Petition to change Vorton Projector effect when Wormhole are targetted

to add to this its also not about their sub warps landing on a hole but rather people coming through a hole being killed as they try to leave the grid.

Its not as bad as OP is making it out to be and requires far more numbers be dedicated to locking down that WH vs other methods but it is easier to co-ordinate and pull of than many of the alternatives.

Neither of those examples you’ve mentioned are exactly not anti-PVP mechanisms because as you said

  1. Bombs are not repeatable and viable only every 121.5 secs with max skills.
  2. Smartbombs are not viable within 6000m of the womrholes, which can’t directly insta-kill stuff warping to the wormhole from all the directions.

However, Assuming Wormholes being set as a triger point of those chain attacks and all the answers for my questions are yes, this would be anti-PVP mechanism because

  1. It can kill any targets from all the directions indiscriminately.
  2. It can kill targets without any preliminary actions.

Yet none of those have to do with the ability of Vorton Projectors to targe wormholes as the same could be accomplished by shooting at a high resist target right next to the wormhole.

What about those things makes it ‘anti-PvP’?

What exactly is ‘anti-PvP’?

Not to mention: If you can make a fit with high enough resists to withstand a Vorton volley you can make a fit that will get past a Vorton camp.

So many disappointing “wormholers” here complaining that they can’t just use shuttles anymore, and that they have to actually fit their travelceptors. What a joke.


Yep. “Why do my shuttles and pods keep dying?”

Well maybe fly something else if you don’t have enough health to survive?

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You cant activate a vorton projector on a wormhole. You can activate it on a ship that is at 0 though.

Using faction smartbombs you can cover a wormholes spawnpoints with 4/5 battleships , is this also anti PVP ?

If you can’t beat the ships at the hole what hope do you have at the citadel?

only up to 9 so its far more limited than bombs or smart bombs

Like others have pointed out this really is only a way to counter shuttles or unfit ceptors. anything with even a moderate tank just moonwalk on by

Honestly how is even shooting a WH with vorton projectors work RP wise?! Wouldn’t it like destabilize the WH or something. Or simply go through? XD

wormholes barely work lore wise, very few game mechanics “work” when you try to analyze them, or god forbid get physics involved. CCP does a good job handwaving lore generalizations for things but most of it falls apart if you actually look at it.

I mean ask why this space ship game works more like a submarine game and the answer is just “warp fields”


Wormholers is not a monolithic group of clones who think things are either good or bad.
I argue frig hole provide interesting plot twists and mechanics but i also think its kinda op when it pops at the right place at the right time. It being one of the only ways to bring ppl in during a well planned and well executed eviction makes it stronk. Not being able to roll it at all makes it OP. Now i also do believe that the mass calculation glitch was ■■■■ and needed to go and i’m very fond of the new mass limits.
I’m pretty happy with frigholes right now, but i dont think they are either good or bad.
All in all the issue here is not about wether i like the vorton or not, it being able to pop shuttles coming out of a hole that easily is just inconsistent with other similar mechanis.
Since i dont think the smartbomb limitation near gates is a bad thing, i would prefer the vortron to get nerfed rather than the smartbomb to get buffed.

Hope this makes my point clearer

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Well given you can get 1000 kikimoras in through a frighole, lets say it does allow too much

There is not just a couple of skybreakers on a camped hole man. There also is too big a fleet for you to fight. Thats the point of doing hole control in the first place. There also is 4 sabres and 4intis to catch anything that is not nullified AND either cloaky or instawarp.
You can try a tanked inty, but it wont be that tanky

The whole point again is that noone is able to attack and kill you since you are forbidding any kind of reinforcements to get in

Slartbombs would be anti pvp is they were allowed at 0 from wh since a single ship would be able to deny entry to anything a sabre cant catch
That is precisely the reason why they are not allowed at 0

Oh wait you cant?
Must admit i didnt check

Doesn’t have to be tanky, just tanky enough to overcome a bunch of skybreakers that are trying to one-shot pods and shuttles.

[Raptor, Raptor Vorton Tank]

Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Medium Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II
EM Shield Amplifier II
Kinetic Shield Amplifier II

Interdiction Nullifier I
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small EM Shield Reinforcer II
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

I threw together a fit, give this a try next time?

  • nullified
  • instawarp
  • 12.9k EHP versus EM, 14.4k EHP versus kinetic
    Which requires about 16 times more Vorton Projectors to kill it than your 800 EHP shuttles
  • for about 30 million ISK
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I have not yet tried Vorton Projectors on wormholes, but from what I can tell the trick is to make their damage bounce towards any frigate/shuttle/pod that comes out of the hole, instantly and without the need to lock those ships up. So in the 2 seconds it takes to align from gatecloak to warp they can be hurt.

Now I don’t know if the damage applies for the full 2 seconds or for only 1 second until they’re in warp, but I’ll assume it’s the worst case of 2 seconds (unless someone can correct me).


  • A Skybreaker (with max dps fit) deals about 116 dps with volleys of 480.
  • A shuttle has about 800 EHP

With good timing, only two Skybreakers are needed to kill a shuttle.

If the Skybreakers are continuously shooting the wormhole (and their attack cycles are evenly spread!) you would need 4 Skybreakers* to consistently kill any shuttle coming through the hole. And a few ships extra to cover eachothers reload cycles. This doesn’t seem hard to do, which is why people do it I guess.

*(Or 8 in case damage only applies for 1 second rather than 2).

Now take an interceptor with 16 times the EHP versus Vorton damage types as the shuttle. You will now require 4x16= 64 Skybreakers (or 128 in case damage only applies for 1 second rather than 2) to keep people from coming in.

I’m not very experienced in wormhole space warfare, but I don’t think you have that many ships camping the wormhole 24/7. And if you do, I don’t think it’s unfair that it’s hard to run through a wormhole that has that many people camping it.

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no, because small ship will spawn inside the 6000m safe zone. This is what I am asking that vorton gun activity be void inside this 6000m radius. say the Wormhole acts like a lightning rod.

exact. I was doing defence and people trying to get in by the inly means possible on a verge hole was in inty / shuttle as the hole was bubbled. They set 4 skybreakers to shoot continuously at the hole. 95% kill rate. In the end, what saved us was frig hole that opened up in the system. So the skybreakers could not be on both holes at the same time. Now All am I saying is that Vorton projector should not be able to his indirectly a ship inside the 6000m that the smart bombs are not allowed to function in. I think best is that any bounce off a target inside the 6000m radius is swallowed by the wormhole negating the rebound effect. I think that the mechanic should always keep it that the only ship to get hit in that 6000m radious is a ship that is targetted, if the initial hit was outside the 6000m, the rebound inside the 6000m should be deflected to any available target outside that range… That it actually a better ideal!! wormhole should deflect Vorton gun amo to targets outside the 6000m radius unless they are the primary target. if no other target is outside that range then it is the same as only having 1 target.

So basically any ship inside the 6000m radius that is not targetted by the attacker are not eligible to be hit by the rebound of the vorton gun. Then we get some similar mechanic to the smart bombs.