Feature Request: Antimatter particle storm

Aka black out light. A few small storms that move through null and maybe even low and change daily. Which are a few systems connected in which local is disrupted. Creates voids through which people can sneak into enemy territory. Might have extra rewards to pull people in and to create a target rich environment aswell.

They’re already called wormholes, and do all that you want already.

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Seeing you have 5.01 sec status and 1 solo kill while living in nullsec. I understand your reply though, you just want to krab in peace. But the feature request is something different then wormholes so please read it again.

I have 13 alts spread over 8 accounts, genius. :rofl:

If that’s all you’ve got as a rebuttal, your idea is complete garbage.

Good I’m not requesting this feature for you then.

No, you’re only requesting it for you, because you don’t know how to use the existing mechanics and somehow think that’s a CCP issue.

Not really I’m trying to have a great feature added to the game that makes null less static and more engaging. Been living in both nullsec and wormhole space for well over 8 years and i think this would be a great feature to be added to nullsec.

If you think “random annoyance mechanic moving through system” is a good feature, you’ve never lived in nullsec.