What if NullSec systems are in BlackOut unless there’s a module that requires fuel, fueled, in the system. Without the fuel, the system works like a wormhole.

BLACKOPS should always be blacked-out (they can type in local and reveal themselves) and ships with cloaks should leave local when they activate their cloaks are active. Even with the fueled comms system in the system. (Isn’t there a device already that detects cloaked ships? I personally don’t like that, but keep it if it already exists.)

Low-sec and high-sec should have warp to 15km enforced, if a ship would land closer than 15km of a gate, it lands 15km from the gate. Nullsec can keep the warp to zero, because 1. Bubbles, and 2. They’re owned by players, and lore-wise it’s up to the player-empires to enforce and police such rules.

Ever since warp to zero was introduced (due to the whole bookmarks thing) low-sec pirates died off. Low-sec ganking became more difficult. The unaligned neutral pirate players died off. Bring back low-sec space as a viable place for players, for the lone-wolves to hunt.

Enforcing warp-to 15km would probably help reduce bot-traders as well, and make trading more rewarding for the individual.


denied , bye



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your whole idea of the warp to 0 kill pirates is flawed.

the “pirates” are lazy when they control a whole system, they camp the gate in to get the guy that jumps in, always have. before warp to 0 we had a business make and selling thousands of bookmarks in every possible location. large groups being in smart bomber fleets and bomb entire gates the second there is a gate fire or local goes +1.

enforcing 15kms in empire would do nothing against the bot traders because they autopilot anyways when i see 10 freighters land 15km from a gate and slowboat to it


Chaos doesn’t mean “give us your bad ideas”.


A hard nope to each and every idea you proposed.

Are you high?

Bookmarks wouldn’t work, as I suggest not allowing bookmarks to work. Anything that would land closer than 15km would land at 15km.

Eve already checks where ships are going to come out of warp for bubbles to work the way they work. If something would come out of warp closer than 15km, it would come out of warp 15km away instead. Bookmarks don’t matter. You can book mark at zero or 15km past if you want, or 100km past. If your ship would end up at closer than 15km from the gate, you’d end up 15km away from the gate.

I was around when Warp-To-Zero became a thing, and I watched as all the low-sec pirates dried up. It became nullsec and high-sec, and low-sec pirating died. Bots began trading between systems, using warp-to-zero because they could. 15km gives range makes ships movement speed more important, and makes things difficult for haulers, and well, anyone looking to be a carebear moving about. But, it gives people action.

All of you afraid of BlackOps ships working like actual BlackOps ships should are just lazy wimps. Personally, I’d like for BlackOps to actually be able to spy on enemies and such, instead of using alts to spy.

You guys are so afraid of change, but without change, Eve is dying.

As a BlackOps pilot, I’m so sick and tired of jumping into a system and everyone reacting. I’m a stealth ship, I should be able to stealth. It was technologically not possible before, but it is technologically possible now.

Things in Eve are too safe right now. Everyone wants “content” but they also want it to be safe content. I’m tired of the damn ball-pit. I miss the hardcore days of Eve, before POSes, before people figured out bookmarks for warp-to-zero. There was less content and things were more interesting!

Now days everyone wants to run their five monitors of ratting ships, or ten monitors of mining ships, and watch their movies. What fun can a game be if you’re watching a movie while playing it?

To gain wealth, for what? What good is your wallet if you don’t buy anything because things don’t blow up. If you’re safe all the time. People in large alliances form treaties of, “We won’t attack each others stations, but we’ll come and bother each other ratting or something.” and then they fly into systems, and everyone docks up and waits the attackers out. The attackers move on to other systems, instead of getting content. The ratters wait until local is clear, and go back to farming. Eve is nothing but a bunch of farmers dreaming of PvP-glory, but never getting it, always getting blue-balled, because its so damn safe.

I remember when we used to leave haulers floating at ‘safe points’/book-marked locations, because stations didn’t exist in nullsec. Now days, the idea of leaving a ship at a safe point… “It might get found! Whaaa” - I love what they’ve done with player-owned stations/outposts now. Its great! I wouldn’t give that stuff up. But, Eve has lost its edge. It’s a bunch of care-bears now running multiple accounts now, unlocking their titans for jump bridges and docking them back up as fast as possible… which, is what I’d do with my titan too. Players are going to do what is safe for them, its logical. But the game doesn’t have to make safety easy… safety is boring. Safe is boring. I want my life to be safe, I want games to challenge me. I keep coming back to Eve to try and get back what it gave me when I first started playing it… but it is so far from that now. In a lot of good ways, but in a lot of bad ways too. The bad way, primarily being, everyone’s figured out how to play it safe, how to make it safe. Everything is calculated now. The mystery is gone, the danger is mostly gone, and the thrill is gone with it.

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It’s almost like OP works for CCP.

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I’m tired of the idea of “Mutual PvP” in Eve. Its not the way Eve started, and its sad that in order for there to be any PvP it has to be mutual now. Each side calculating their odds of success before battle even starts, and running if they look like they have even a 1% chance of losing. Its sick, its boring.

Oh, no. I don’t work for CCP. I wish I did. I wouldn’t be on the forums to pitch my ideas if I did.

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I have some sympathy for your initial post but what you have written above is not correct.

I fully agree that ships fit with cloak should automatically be ‘Blacked Out’ from local. Nobody is suppose to see them or know they’re in the area.

And I have to say no for getting rid of ‘Warp To 0’ and making everybody slowboat in from 15km of Jumpgate, all that will do is create easy targets for lazy players.

“I have some sympathy for your initial post but what you have written above is not correct.”

  • Matt Spangher

I admit, I exaggerate a little, but my point still stands.

"I fully agree that ships fit with cloak should automatically be ‘Blacked Out’ from local. Nobody is suppose to see them or know they’re in the area.

And I have to say no for getting rid of ‘Warp To 0’ and making everybody slowboat in from 15km of Jumpgate, all that will do is create easy targets for lazy players."

  • DeMichael Crimson

The truly lazy players either autopilot which does 15km now, or bot, or both. CCPs done a lot to stop botting… And its not all botting though, one player running five or ten accounts isn’t botting, and I’m fine with it… but, why make it easy on them? Why allow the person with ten accounts so much power over the ones with one account? Especially, at the expense of “content.”

There are alarms people have that make sounds when someone jumps into a system because of local. One player can be literally sleeping at the wheel and get woken up because of an alarm from someone jumping into local, come on! We need to bring the danger back into Eve, in order to bring the thrill back. And sure, the care-bears and hoarders are going to cry that its not safe for them any more, but safe is boring… I’m sad to see Eve turned into an idle click game, it had and has so much potential.

Safe is boring, and ultimately players will adapt to anything CCP does. Because, with the economy driven by players, someone has to mine that ore, and someone has to build those ships and modules and everything else… so, it’ll get done. Things might become a bit more expensive, but if things are more expensive that makes being rich even more impressive!

When everyone owns a super-carrier, super-carriers aren’t that impressive.

Making things more dangerous makes Eve a game again.

Making everybody in high sec slowboat in from 15km to a Jumpgate is unbalanced because it handicaps those players and makes then easy targets for ganking.

Other than that, I agree with your idea to have all cloaked ships be ‘Blacked Out’ from local.

I love the idea that ANYSHIP with a Cloak fitted Should be automatically be blacked out from ALL LOCALS including high Sec


Ok, the ideas are a step in the right direction, but we need bolder ideas. Forward thinking guys.

  1. High sec stargates should be fickle. They won’t let you jump through gate if your wallet balance is divisible by 3. If you’re on grid with the stargate and your wallet balance is divisible by 3, the navy removes 500 plex from your vault.

  2. Null sec was a good idea, but it’s too big. Reduce the number of null sec systems by 2/3.

  3. Null sec still stagnant. Players are too content. Capital ships can no longer use cynos.

  4. High sec needs to be punished for the cyno change in 3. Remove all asteroids from High sec.

  5. Plex can no longer be used to sub to Omega.

  6. Structures are unbalanced. Structures can only be used by the corporation that anchored them.

  7. Disband all alliances, limit corporations to 100 people.

Well LOL 7 X No :rofl::partying_face:

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