Blackout ideas

First post.
Sucerity checkpoints: it is a deployed bubble like a warp bubble and pings the ship type that travels threw it to your corps chat. They have the same timers a warp bubbles. And can only be deployed in low and NS. Can be scanned down and killed

lol, no.


What’s your reasoning behind that? that’s a non answer.

I don’t have to give you my reasons, just my NO.

Well if you don’t have a thought behind your voice means basically nothing.

My vote is my vote, I don’t have to explain it to anyone.

Besides this idea is so bad on the face of it there is no point.

i think this would be a great idea if it actually creates an unique popup window on each logged in client from the whole alliance, for each ship that comes through.

The point is to add intell but not perfect intell. Its semi pro active because you have to set them up. But not perfect because it you are looking you can avoid them.

I like that maybe like a fleet history log type of set up.

Guess i have to add sarcasm tags next time to it… We don’t need any new automated intel system in this game.

I agree with that,I live in WH. But seam like people lost there â– â– â– â–  with no local.

-1, we need more ATK gameplay, not more AFK gameplay. If you want to know when someone enters a system, watch the gate with your eyes.

This blackout was intended to remove free intel. Your idea just gives it back, so you can warp to your citadel the moment someone enters local again (caveat for wormholes of course).

They wouldn’t be able to to be right on gates the would have to be somewhere in-between the warp between gates. So you would still need eyes on the gates for 100% intell on your system. And if you don’t have eyes the person can just avoid them and still remain undetected. But if they are just going gate to gate they would be pinged

Okay, so when I put one of these outside of dscan range further up the pipe between gates, I know even sooner that I need to warp off grid.

Or, you say you live in a WH; anchor one of these on each new connection and you don’t even need to keep eyes on them at all anymore (it’s not near a gate).

Can’t put them in WH space can put one off a WH In K space and I see your point but you would need a few to determine what way the ship is going.

Ah, my bad about Jspace. Either way, you only need the one to know that you need to dock up. If it ends up being a false alarm, oh well. You’ll have eyes on the gate regardless if you’re any kind of smart, so you’ll know to watch for their arrival/departure.

The question I have for you, is why? What need does this fulfill, other than giving back the free intel that made null too safe to begin with?

It’s intell you have to set up and maintain. It can be distroyed, it’s not perfect so can be avoided but not 100% the time if you set it up right. You can’t 100% really on it. Maybe have some ship class not be detected by in like interceptor and nulled t3 and the cov op you can’t see on d scan

It’s 100% afk intel. Intel should in every way be earned by an active player. Setting up infrastructure that you can just leave in space, even if it only anchors for an hour, will see people do exactly that.

Point in case. Imagine I’ve got a T1 hauler filled with these. I warp it to an in-line point, align towards one of the gates it’s meant to be in-line with, and cloak the hauler. As soon as it expires, I tab over, drop another one, and cloak again. If I need to, I can fit a prop mod to get a decent amount of distance between me and the anchorable.

The maintenance is so utterly simple that it may as well not even exist.

So you would already have a person cloak in that system giving you intell. You could just be sitting there looking and dscaning. And for one yes it very simple for just a few but if you want to do more coverage you have to keep moving around. And I don’t agree that all intell needs a active play dotland and zkill give you loads of intell without having your eyes ther.

No, I have an alt tabbed out. If I were on that alt and actively d-scanning, I’d 100% support it. Because that’s ATK intel. But I’m not even looking at that client until I get a notification that someone just hit my warning system, in your idea.

As for your argument about zkill, that’s still ATK intel. You have to look at the fits, you have to make educated guesses as to whether or not it’s the doctrine fit or just some snowflake fit. Either way, even using PLH or NEAR2, you’re actively soliciting that intel. It’s not being fed to you only when there’s something of note.