Singularity Update - 5 June 2020

This doesn’t seem suited to solo play and will excel in a large fleet.
Perfectly fine with that.
Carry on…

Just noticed that the new ships actually illuminate other ships and objects that are in front of it with their “headlights”, very nice detail.

Seems like to me this new weapon system is a long-range like a beam or artillery weaponry.

Is there going to be a short range version so let’s say blaster or pulse laser variation of this weapon so the 2 ammo types that are used in this new weapon long range goes maximum 30 km and short-range goes maximum 13km with a higher rate of damage and shorter cycle time?

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Two things I noticed:

  1. The projector doesn’t activate on jettisoned cans or wrecks. I understand it it shouldn’t get the mirroring effect, but maybe have it be able to kill debris?
  2. For the victim, the aggression buzz noise activates on every cycle of the projector. That will get very annoying.

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You’ll need to wait for the next mirror of Tranquility to Singularity - probably will happen in the next month or so.

na, don’t let it kill debris. if it kills wrecks, then it is even more useless for pve

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