Project Discovery Level 330+ Live Stream

(Aruar) #1

To say I’ve been on Project Discovery a lot is an understatement.
I’ve decided to Live Stream some of my PD and give you all an opportunity to ask questions and see how I answer the slides.

I’ll be off and on today and I’ll upload the links to the finished streams when I’m done.

This Week in EVE #163 (July 29 - August 4)
EVE Wochenschau #163 (29. Juli- 4. August)
«Эта неделя в EVE» №163 (22 июля-4 августа)
(Matthias Ancaladron) #2

So there is no upper limit? Does the level XP required stay at 3000 a level all the way through? Currently at level 85 I think and it’s seemed to hold at 3k and I haven’t noticed an increase.

(Aruar) #3

Well, if there is an upper limit I have yet to find it and yes, it’s still about 3000 exp per level.

(CCP Phantom) #4

Very impressive, and a great video! Thanks a lot, @Aruar for this fantastic contribution.

(Aruar) #5

Thank You!
I’m about to kick up another live stream and get to 340+
Have you considered a leader-board for Project Discovery?

(Aruar) #6

New Stream is up

(Aruar) #7

Just made level 350 and I’m still at 99%.
I would love it if some items were added for higher levels. Even if they were just for fun.

(Aruar) #8

(Gustav Mannfred) #9

I guess the marshall will be at 300 when it gets introduced into project discovery