Project Discovery Phase Three End Date

The current Phase Three of Project Discovery: Flow Cytometry began on June 15th 2020. Phase Two began with the July 2017 release. We are currently in March of 2023. If these phases are on a 3-year cycle, we might be seeing an end to Phase Three soon which will be replaced by Phase Four.

Has the end of Phase Three been announced yet? Just trying to see if I still have time to get my BPC’s. Based on my current velocity and daily submission limits, I still need 75 days to hit level 500.


me too. i’m at lvl 476. gotta hussle.

What is the daily limit? 100 submissions?

Depending on your characters age and skillpoints the limit is 200 submissions per day. That’s about 6 and a half levels daily. - Implied your accuracy is 99%, what isn’t hard to achieve.

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I just do five levels a day. That’s 20 days per one hundred levels.

So a little less than three and a half months for your Marshal BP.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


For an Omega character, the maximum number of daily submissions is 200. First 10 submissions of the day (reset at 00:00 Eve time daily) grant twice as much the normal experience, effectively resulting in 210 submissions worth of experience earned. Maximum amount of experience per submission is 89 (at 98%+ accuracy), and 89*210=18,690 XP per day. It takes 1,462,200 XP to reach level 500.

It’s worth noting that character’s amount of SP affects the maximum level one is allowed to reach in Project Discovery (1mil SP per 25 level of PD). Therefore, in order to reach level 500, the character must have at least 20mil SP.


Nope. Above 10m SP the SP limitation is omitted.


Finally got my Marshal BPC’s yesterday and now have two new shiny toys sitting in my home station in Ahbazon. Is there a way to reset the PD level back to 0 in order to get the rewards again or is it one per character only?

Also, has anyone heard if the new expansion coming out in June will also be bringing the new phase of Project Discovery?

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You can only get the rank rewards once per character, no resetting until the next PD phase. However, there are additional ranks after the Marshal skin but they don’t offer any special rewards for achieving them.

Project Discovery became very tedious and challenging after the last changes, like 100 samples per day and 2-3 samples per minute. I’m not saying nothing about progress speed per sample. Previous Project was way better. This Project I barely finished just because I did some hardcore Hauling lately :). The Project Discovery should respect players more. Does a Marshal deserve it? - F-k no!

I sold Previous Marshal, but this one I’ll keep as a “monumental reward”. Damn, I’ll fly standard BlackOps only!

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