Project Discovery timeline?

I started doing Project Discovery on & off, not long after I came back to the game in October 2023, and noticed the previous campaign ran for about 3 years give or take. Meanwhile Cytometry is coming up to it’s 4th year, and now that I’m over half way to rank 500, I’m anxious about it being suddenly swept out from beneath me.

I’ve been doing it daily ever since I realised and properly digested what the Marshal is and how comically over-inflated it’s market worth is (might just keep the ship for myself tbh), and have just closed out another day, at rank 313.
How far in advance does CCP announce new Project Discovery campaigns?

If anything happens, it’ll be during Fanfest. So you have some time to get your blueprint.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


That is reassuring.
I count 67.4 days left in order to hit 650, and May 1st is 74 days away. Assuming I continue to do it every single day without fail (which is not going to happen but hey-oh!).

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. They already announced at last fanfest that the new phase would start this year and there isn’t going to be a fanfest this year as they want to have fanfest in the spring again so it wont be until 2025.

The new PD phase could start anytime this year.

I take what I said back, and that is anxiety-inducing.
Connect-the-dots intensifies