What is the status of Project Discovery?

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I was wondering about Project Discovery. It switched from space theme to COVID for obvious and noble reasons. Is it still maintained? What is the interaction level with Project Discovery? I know you won’t talk about private future plans, but in case I missed it somewhere else, is there discussion of moving back to a space them? I enjoy the sciency mini-game in the background, and I like to contribute, but I don’t get the feeling my efforts in Discovery are going anywhere or even relevant. 100k ISK each is compensation enough, but I’d love to have info on who at CCP manages it, what the status is, and if there are any future plans you can talk about.


There hasn’t been an official statement on Project Discovery for a long time (as far as I’ve seen).

Project discovery version 1, the Human Protein Atlas began start 2016 as far as I can tell, lasted about 1.5 years. Version 2, exoplanets, lasted 3 years until mid 2020. Version 3, Flow Cytometry, has been going on for almost 3 years too now.

I’m not sure if the current entries are still used for science, or that the team that worked with this third version already got all the data they wanted.

I guess that this version of Project Discovery will last until CCP has found a new project to work with,.

If you want your effort to be relevant: I doubt it’s relevant at the moment, but you can get some ISK. And if you manage to do all the entries you can do daily for the next few months you could even get some nice ISK and skins out of it once you reach the Marshal blueprints.

It would be a shame though if you were to get close to level 500 just when CCP announces a new version of Project Discovery…

Totally. I’ve been wondering this same thing. I asked last week and CCP gave the same old ‘can’t comment on future game changes’ answer. Covid was a great thing to do for a while, but I think we should get back to space. Also, I enjoyed version 2 a lot. this one seems arbitrary at best…

The current one is boring!

My guess is that they will let it run until a new, suitable project is found. Of course, that assumes that someone at CCP still remembers. The data shown at the last Fanfest showed quite a fluctuation in staff.

Yep, that’s my guess as well.

Project Discovery has always been CCP working together with some scientific institute, so getting a new project isn’t just up to CCP but also the availability of a good match for the next PD.

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So we keep completing the puzzles and reap in the benefits for additional characters :slight_smile:

If you wish!

(I wouldn’t want to take another minimum of 3 months clicking an hour a day with the knowledge that CCP could pull the plug at any time and make all those efforts worthless.)

Got my Marshal blueprints and a full set of the ship skins, I’ll wait for a next project before I touch that again. :smiley:

finally got my marshall blueprint! \o/


Now get the skin :slight_smile:

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