Project Discovery Questions for the DEVS

With Project Discovery Exoplanets being active for over a year now I had a few questions for the Devs.
1: How much longer will Project Discovery be active on EVE? I really enjoy this version of Project discovery and will be sad to see it go so if you’re not planning on getting rid of it, cool, but if you are do you have a timeline even if it’s tentative?
2: assuming you do intend to wind down PD do you have an idea of what you would like to replace it with? I love these citizen science projects in EVE.
3: If you plan on keeping Project Discovery Exoplanets running for a while longer (And that is my vote) can we possibly make a part II? Like update the reward skins with something else and just swap out the slides we’ve been working on with new slides?
4: I’d really love to get an update from CCP about all things Project Discovery and how the information has/is/will be helping, how much the players have done, what that status is, etc. I haven’t heard much about it since the months surrounding it’s launch.
5: Any word on how many planets we’ve helped to find?

Thank you


Would be good to know if there is any plans above level 500. I was hoping that at level 400 we would have received the skin for the Marshal that was the level 500 reward. 300-500 was a long grind.

Some real world feedback in a blog would be well received. Could the end data users give us some feedback and RL applications that our input has assisted.


You can bring more attention to your post by directing it to a CCP employee, like @CCP_Explorer or @CCP_Falcon or maybe even @CCP_Guard .

Or an ISD member might be able to bring it to their attention, such as @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode or @ISD_Sakimura or @ISD_Buldath .

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Sure thing, that’s totally something I can do.


Wow, you’re definitely quick on the draw.

Also thanks for doing that.



It’s the part of my job I enjoy the most!


I had this idea to add the stuff from previous project discovery to SOE loyalty points shop.


Thank You!
And Bonus question, currently there are in game items from the first project discovery that bear the names of the highest PD Players, do they plan on doing that with this version of Project Discovery?

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Any updates on the originators request for data and information on Project Discovery progress and RL applications?

Many thanks.

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I haven’t heard anything quite yet. I’ll keep you appraised.


Thank You, I’m really eager to hear.

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Any Update?

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Not as of yet.

I’m still really hoping to hear some update on this.
I know I keep bugging you.

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