[Project Discovery] Predictions for future Tier Rewards and Ranks

What rewards do you think will be added to Project Discovery in the future? We already know the Marshal and its Exoplanets SKIN will be made available in December through the project, but beyond that we can only guess for now.

The original Project Discovery had 20 Ranks, with the final one rewarded at level 1000. The new PD currently only goes up to rank 11 so far, leaving lots of room for future fun - I’ve made a fun mock-up below with some ideas on what rewards may be yet to come:

With 20 ranks in total, the level-ups needed for higher ranks increase in number as your rank gets higher - to hit level 1000 at rank 20, this distribution works really nicely. With the Marshal and its Exoplanet SKIN likely coming at level 300 and 350 respectively, there’s already a really solid pattern to the rewards - Apparel, Apparel, BPC, SKIN, Apparel, Apparel, BPC, SKIN, Apparel, Apparel, BPC, SKIN - If you extend that into the rest of the ranks, the rest of the possible rewards all sort of fall into place:

  • For Clothing, having a Dress Shirt and Combat Suit at 400 & 500 works well
  • At 600, you’ve done the work for the Ships twice, so you get a 2nd run of them all
  • The same as above, but for the CONCORD Exoplanet SKINS, comes at 700
  • Greatcoats are luxury apparel, so a PD version of one at 800 is nice
  • And the peak of luxury, a Monocle, fits perfectly as the last Apparel reward at 900

Finally, there’s no better-matching place than Project Discovery: Exoplanets for a faction Player Stargate structure to come into play with the final rank-up at level 1000 - but this wouldn’t be coming anytime soon. With this reward pattern, I could envision having the Marshal BPC (300), Marshal SKIN (350), Dress Shirt (400) and Combat Suit (500) as the “Round 2” of PD’s rewards, coming this December.

The second round of CONCORD ships and SKINS (600 and 700), the Greatcoat (800), Monocle (900), and Faction Stargate BPC would later be released “Round 3” of the tier rewards, becoming available when player-built Stargates finally enter the game.

As guessworked as this post is, it seems likely that things could potentially go this way - and as things move forwards, I’m more and more appreciative of the new reward structure, since you have to contribute far more to the Exoplanets database to collect every potential reward than you had to with the old PD - meaning that more people will intentionally or unintentionally help in the search for exoplanets in return for the cool rewards released as time goes on.

But these are also just my ideas - what do you want to see as rewards, & what do you think will be added to Project Discovery in future updates? There’s a lot of potential fun to be had with it~ :sunny:



How many players even have such high Rank, would making those “rewards” be a waste man hours ?
Wishful thinking and CCP has other important things to do.

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Well adding rewards is presumably as easy as just adding onto the end of what’s there - and they’re already doing that later this year. Also, even though I’m personally at level 430 right now, I know a guy who’s past 600 already.

They had ranks up to 1000 in the old PD, and plenty of people reached that - they’ve already said they’ll be adding more rewards to this one, so it would be strange to not expand it to the same range~

EDIT: it’s also worth noting that, if they’re stretching the rounds of rewards being added across the span of time between now and when stargates come out, there’s gonna be a whole lot of data for the Exoplanets project to use - and any confirmed planets discovered through data from EVE will doubtlessly make amazing PR for CCP & only help them even more :thinking:

It isn’t the worst idea.

What the heck is the “PD Faction Stargate BPC” ? Player owned stargates ? o.O

Stargates are the last thing in the structure roadmap for EVE’s future, so once those drop it would make sense to have a thing related to finding new systems have its own variant of one~

Intresting idea, but a bit hard to imagine it for now… i mean… If we own stargates, we can destroy them too. So we’ll able to create gateless systems o.O

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