This Week in EVE #158 (June 24 - 30)

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The current “This week in EVE” gives an overview of week from June 24 to 30

Exoplanets: The Next Phase Of Project Discovery

Search for real planets outside our own solar system. Help discovering new exoplanets with the next phase of Project Discovery! Not only can you explore the real universe, you can also get nice rewards in EVE. The rewards include:

  • Exclusive Project Discovery ship SKINs
  • Exclusive Project Discovery character apparel
  • BPCs for the CONCORD frigate and cruiser
  • SKINs for the CONCORD frigate and cruiser

Analysis Kredits (AK) from the previous Project Discovery (Human Protein Sampling), will be kept, you can spend them in the Sisters of EVE loyalty store any time.
Try the search for exoplanets right now!
Log on to the test server and let us know what you think.

We Are EVE: The Pale Blue Dot | EVE Online

Once again, Carl Sagan’s wisdom in Pale Blue Dot inspires. Our beloved EVE Online reflects universal human truths, and it is no surprise that beautiful player videos emerge. Thank you, Silent Coalition, for this masterpiece!


Permaband, CCP’s rock band, is famous for their epic gigs and amazing songs. Now, we also have a dedicated Fansite for Permaband. Check out Permaband.Rock and let us know what you think! Many thanks to the author, ISD Eshtir.

Amazing ship details from “Frigates of EVE”

Check out the “Frigates of EVE Online: The Cross Sections” artist Will Burn’s ArtStation page to see a more intricate ships!

o7 special: New Player Advice

CCP Guard and CCP Mimic ventured into space, armed with advice from the EVE community to support new players. We had a live broadcast showing their adventures, the play back is available here. Stay tuned for more info!

Learn more about EVE: Fleet doctrines - What are they and why do they matter! This is part of EVE University’s legendary knowledge stash. Don’t forget to explore more of EVE Uni’s public slides. Thank you, EVE University and everyone supporting it.

Saarith’s mining guide is a very useful and clearly structured guide for miners. Everything important is covered: your first ship, complete ship fits (anti-gank, max-yield etc.), tips to improve yield and more. A must-read for every miner! Saarith has additional guides, don’t miss them either.

The skillpoint reimbursement for the skill training issues has been completed. Skillpoints have been reimbursed at the standard rate of 40 skillpoints for every minute. For further info, please consult the forum thread.

CONCORD has formally cancelled the “Rogue Swarm Alert” it declared on YC119.06.13. Capsuleers have destructed over 1.5 million rogue swarm nests and eliminated all but a few scattered remnants of the rogue swarm’s network of “Overminds”.

The next live event for July - “The Agency” - is waiting for you on the test server Singularity. Discover what you can do in this event and which rewards you can expect. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Are you an EVE expert? EVE University is looking for you! Help improving an already amazing EVE wiki and support this incredible project.

Are you a corpse collector? Then you might have missed the auction of the year with 1252 deep frozen player corpses!

Top 10 RPG World of all time. IGN has compiled a list of the most beautiful, terrifying, and fascinating RPG game worlds. EVE Online delivers and is, of course, part of the All-Time Top 10 list!



Carl Sagan’s “WISDOM IN PALE BLUE DOT” is absolutely awesome, thank you all for putting it out there;


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Looking at the hard work that CCP and many of its dedicated employees have all done lately to try improve Eve in every possible way (to include all the effort put in to improve the operation and look of these forums) just makes me want to say, “Thank you CCP for providing such an incredible universe for all of us to bounce around in!” I particularly enjoyed this week’s view of Saarith’s Mining Guide. Of course I believe that I must also thank the pilot who actually created this guide, the pilot calling himself Saarith. Thank’s Saarith!

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Analysis Kredits (AK) from the previous Project Discovery (Human Protein Sampling), will be kept, you can spend them in the Sisters of EVE loyalty store any time.

This is a really, really poor decision. It’s basically handing out massive free Isk to those who were the most successful in the previous PD (who will most likely have lots of left over points or could easily generate some until patch day) and destroys any opportunity for the rest to earn the early, big money that comes with being among the first to throw new stuff in the market.

It was mindless cytoplasm spam in the beginning of this feature.

I see few issues with rewarding folks who stayed with phase 1 citizen science initiative for the long term. There’s also no guarantee that these items will remain exclusive forever in the SoE AK store. Adapt to market speculation however you see fit.

is EVE really an RPG if roleplaying isn’t quite popular in it

There’s enough of a niche collective to make it work. However, if you’re looking for a genuine Amarrian Orgy it may be more fruitful to ask around the Eve Fetlife community rather than the IGS subforum.


I met Carl Sagan in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A. * I did miss his lecture he gave in that City * However, the little bit of time I did spend with him, was very, cool! This Video, is how he speaks to the common man, it is my pleasure to have met him, shake his hand AND see eye to eye with him. As most know: may he r.i.p. For me, it was an uncommon day, ended with a smile from DR. Carl Sagan.


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Games in the Final Fantasy series are still considered RPGs (albeit JRPGs specifically) even though they don’t really feature much roleplaying, either (the characters all already have personalities and traits long before the player hits “new game”).

For better or worse, the genre known as RPG has been about more than just role-playing for a looong time now.

It ends with a complete non sequitur but whatever.