Devblog: Exoplanets: The Next Phase Of Project Discovery

Search for real planets outside our own solar system! Discover new exoplanets!
Possible with EVE with the next phase of Project Discovery.

When? July 11!

But not only can you explore the real universe, you can also get nice rewards in EVE such as exclusive Project Discovery SKINs and CONCORD ships.

Read more about Project Discovery - Exoplanets and get all the background info and technical details.


Transit photometry are the powerhouse of the cell!



What an awesome image!


Team Trilambda really did a stellar job!

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Out of curiosity, is there a background story behind this planetoid used in the promotions?

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I am very excited to see where this goes.

Does this mean no more antipharmakon drugs once phase one winds down?

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How the hell they even found transits on those example screenshots? :persevere:
I’ve played with new Discovery on Singalaryty and failed that specific sample myself (even if you zoom it more it doesn’t make things easier).
I wonder how many exoplanets we will not find by simply pressing “No transits”?


great question, would love to know the answer. The things are super popular and cost effective, would hate to see them just disappear.

Question: we already have “levels” in Project Discovery, from the protein atlas phase. Will we start at level 1 again? If we’re at level 200 will we stay at level 200? Will you make each phase of Project Discovery a separate level-up phase? If yes, can you award character medals / accolades for each phase?

I love the idea of this, but to be honest one of the things that put me off the whole Project Discovery thing (when it was about cell structure) was that there were so many examples where the example was so nuanced that you could have marked it as several different variants.

Getting continually busted downwards for trying hard and being off the correct choice by micro degrees of accuracy was so disheartening that in the end, I just gave up and never went back.

I’d love to be involved, but if the QA is as tough to master as the last incarnation, I’d be put off quite a lot.


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Started from the bottom, now we back again.


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Why not keeping the protein pattern analysis? Although it may have already served its purpose, it is still an interesting mini game for newer players. It is the first real citizen science inside a computer game. You guys have put a lot of efforts in building it. It’s a pity that the first project discovery will be removed. May be it can be moved to under the same Concord reward structure for exoplanets? I feel keeping it can enrich the gaming elements of Eve universe.


Gonna find me some planet.

This is relevant to my interests.

So basically you can no longer farm PD for stuff. If you want multiple rewards you have to use multiple characters.

What will happen with the drugs SOE was giving for AK before?

Is there some blog or something what the actual result of the first project was? Was it successful, useful data at all or what waa the result? I imagine there was quite some time invested by the community.

Still have to try the new tutorial.
Prefer old game because it was straightforward yes or no on what was present and not trying to line up lots of little lines with a track pad.

Rewards arent enticing at all, super ugly skins, super ugly clothes.

Guess I’m just gonna do this one to grind out one of those billion isk cruisers to sell for Plex and to actually participate in the he science rather than for anything cool I will actually keep and use personally.

Won’t be billions anymore when you reach level 50, unless you manage it in the first 1-2 days …

Well it doesn’t seem that hard. The first one wasn’t hard. I found my biggest issue with actually going through slides quickly was not being in a station interior cause it seems to slow down how fast the slides used to load.
I did it for 10 minute s and got to level 6 or 7 I think in singularity and I jumped up to 64℅ accuracy. Accuracy seems to climb much faster than the old one and pretty sure you get ranked up even more now. It would be a fun grind challange. Gotta figure someway to Plex my account since nothings being done to actually get Plex down below 1b. If I can spit out a few concord cruisers it might help me get a head start on next month.