Discovery project

This is me, when I saw a new Discovery project.

Wtf, how to work with this thing?


After some experimenting this morning I’ve already given up on it.

Half the time I’ll guess an orbit , fold it, realize there’s pretty much no variance in brightness at all between the overlapped spots, cancel the orbit, and then submit, thinking the slide has no planets.

Welp, turns out it was an orbit all along and I just didn’t see it. I swear it feels like a some of the slides are completely random. That or I’m blind.


I think its bugged - I’m getting samples where there should be either no transits or one obvious one and then being told that the obvious one isn’t a transit and there are more than 5 other transits hidden in the noise with no spikes.

I’ve submitted a bug report and I’d encourage anyone else who believes the same is happening to them.

Also please feedback in the official dev blog for the Project Discovery here -

GOD DAMN IT F ■■■■ !!!

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