Bug Report: Project Discovery

Dear CCP

I happens to find one mistake in the Project DIscovery
Please check the image below

The Correct Answer is 2 planet
I answer correctly
Basicly the same as this bug from another website


I have had a couple of those, too. Always fun to find clear curve only to find out that the game code disagrees.

Two planets with almost exactly the same orbit period seems incredibly unlikely though.

Would be interesting to get comments on it, but you probably won’t :confused:

I encountered the very same slide and marked transits as you did.

My understanding then is that this is a binary system (because of the magnitude of the transit blips). The accepted transits are where companion star passes in front of primary star. The rejected transits are where primary star passes in front of companion star. It sort of makes sense.

Once there was similar graph with one of the dips happening right at the edge of the screen. It got marked as transition after folding but the program disagreed because it was only “half” of a dip. No way to get that one right.

What I mean to say that there’s probably going to be a lot of cases where things don’t work out :slight_smile:

Yes, I screenshotted and bug reported that one :slight_smile:

This is ridiculous now, please fix

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