Project Discovery Question

I’ve been trying to improve my rank and accuracy at project discovery- can anyone help me understand what went wrong here. I’m using this example because it seemed quite obvious to me but was still wrong.

In this example, there are two different transits. You correctly identified one of them, and got really close to the second, but were off by a hair.

The yellow indicates where the transit is, the red indicates where you selected the transit to be.

There are a couple of samples that are like this where there are two separate transits. The best way to handle these is to nail one and lock it in, then repeat the process for the second transit.

I will also add that there are a couple of samples that I never get right after literally hundreds of levels over multiple toons :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thanks very much for the reply. I guess my concern is how to tell the exact location of the second transit. It looks to me as though I selected the lowest part of the ‘dip’ of the star’s apparent luminosity, which should indicate the point at which a planet is transiting. It looks like the game wanted something different but I’m not sure how I could have known that until after being shown. The correct answer was on the ‘upswing’ of the star’s apparent luminosity but not at its lowest point. Perhaps it will just get easier to recognize the correct patterns over time…

Indeed, this is a bit unusual. I typically find that if anything, the transit point is slightly to the left of the nadir of the valley. This looks like you were off by just a tiny hair to get it correctly identified. There is a little weirdness like this in some of the samples.

And yes, over time, it becomes a lot easier to recognize the patterns in the transits and glide through them.

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