Project Discovery Bug.... Well Kinda

So a question was posed to me the other day and I decided to check it out. It had to do with how transits were checked on Project Discovery. And well at least with the challenge slides (Ones that you can fail). It’s kinda off.
It doesn’t really matter HOW you mark them just as long as all the transits are marked. You can even mark them more than once and it’s still correct. I’m guessing the way it’s coded it’s simply checking to see that a transit is marked now HOW it’s marked. And while it’s not wrong it’s not right either. The point of the challenge slides is to teach us how to find and mark transits, while finding all the transits on the slide is good we want to encourage people to mark them in such a way that you can also get the planets orbital period.
And yes I get how nit picky I’m being.


Well, I’m not ashamed to say I have no clue what you’re talking about but if it is a bug, definitely file a Bug Report on it asap.

All of the above slides are of 1 planet going around it’s host star but it doesn’t matter how many planets you say there are. You can see in one slide I marked 6 planets with unknown orbital periods and it said it was correct when what they really wanted was for you to mark it as one planet with multiple transits.
Another I marked correctly then went back and put single transit lines over the first set and it still counted it as correct.
Again. I’m marking all the transits but it’s incorrect how I’m marking them.


Understood, definitely should be reported.

I sent in a bug report. No response. I’m sure this is low on their list.

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this isn’t actually, all the above images are just as viable as the next. and the data sent just marks possible transits rather than marking one planet that transits several times.

basically no matter how you mark it the information sent is the same

No the information is different.
1 Planet orbiting it’s host star 6 times is not the same as 6 planets orbiting their host stars once.

Yes, in each case all of the transits have been marked. However, what they represent is vastly different.
What they are trying to do is get us to label all the transits (if any) in every slide, so the challenge slides are there to teach us what a planet looks like in a light curve. Yes, it is helpful if you just mark the transits. But it is much more helpful if you are able to fold it and find out the planet’s orbital period.
Try to think of it this way using math:
1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6
1+(3x1)+1+1 = 6
(3x1) + (3x1) = 6
6x1 = 6
In the case of Exoplanets it’s not just getting the right answer its HOW you get the right answer.
No matter how we do it we get 6 transits but only one way gives us the proper amount of planets AND transits.
The current check that Project Discovery makes is simply for transits, not the number of planets.

… but the information sent is just when and where there was a transit.

its not there was a planet that transited x many times just at x time there was a transit

That’s exactly what it is.
The diagram under the graph will even show one planet transiting at a set interval.
In the ones above (In my original post) it shows multiple planets (each denoted by a color)
While if it’s one planet transiting multiple times it will give the orbital period and be in one color.

that’s just a flashy visual representation for YOU is what i am trying to say. all project discovery cares about is if enough people mark a transit at the same point

I do get where you’re coming from and that’s why in the beginning I understood how nit picky I was being. The more transits we locate the easier it is to tease out which ones are from the same or different planets.

yes and why it doesn’t matter how you mark them because the data sent doesn’t care if you marked them one at a time or as a group all it is, is at x point a transit is marked. only difference it makes is to your personnel ui

I’m actually not entirely sure how the data is sent. That would be a good one to ask the developers. Are they exported as individual transits? or are some grouped if you fold them and mark them?

i used to volunteer to read this sort of thing no matter where it was from we just got the time of possible transited we then had to decide if they were the same planet even a planet or a group of planets

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