Project Discovery nominated for Webby Award


We are thrilled to share that Project Discovery has been nominated for Webby Award! You can find more information about this topic in the news article.

To cast your vote, please head to the official Webby Awards website!


Congratulations. However, while this version of PD has had significant impact on the real world, I hold to the opinion that the exoplanet version of PD actually had a bigger influence. Obviously the “people in the know” hold a different opinion.


I’d like to know if any of that crappy data i submitted really mean anything for the research against COVID

Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy 4 Marshal BPC which i got from my alts, as well as ISK and stuff, but does that amount of 4-angles really impacted the real world? If that, i’m really sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its too boring.

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Wasn’t this just to help train a flow cytometry AI? I would be very surprised if this data collection was interpreted quickly enough to be of significant use in dealing with COVID-19, but I’m sure long term it’s beneficial (yes, it was easy to game, but remember that there’s this magical thing called “outliers” and “junk data” in all data collection, and that there are ways to resolve issues with junk data and outliers).

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Second Place, come on we can do better than that. We map out everything before CCP even puts it in the game. Maybe we can get even more players to play this game because if it…

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Voted hope it helps CCP.

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Today I plan to get lvl 1912 in Project Discovery (on one account).


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I think it would be in everyone’s interest if it was known if any scientific breakthroughs happened or any scientific papers or publications were created with the help of this analysis.

Unlike the exoplanets Project Discovery (where we got very good feedback from the principal scientists for that project) This Covid project discovery has had largely no feedback.

I will still work on it but let’s just say, it’s wearing thin if the data is of no use.

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Looks like you have made alot of isk waiting of mining lasers to finish, market orders to fill, or fleets to form. Good job, I’m only in the 200’s, hope to finish before they move on to the next one.


I voted, shows Eve Online - Project Discovery is in 1st place with 34% of the votes.

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That’s awesome! :heart:

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Alright, so, I get 1 week free of Omega for filling out a forum, and yet 0 time for voting for something that folks are stating, “might not mean anything”. So an award (if it seems like the trends say, you should win) is what you come out with, and we get nothing else? Seems awfully lopsided. If I wanted to experience Omega some more, you guys would surely have done justice by giving another week, or even 14 day trial.

Oh well, back to the grind of an Alpha :smiley:

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The recent survey was done by (or in cooperation with) CCP to give CCP useful information, so it makes sense that CCP offers 1 week free omega time to encourage people to take the time to fill it in.

This voting process is not hosted by CCP, project discovery is nominated and CCP is one of the contestants for this reward.

Two completely different scenarios. And people could frown upon buying votes with game time.


its kinda sad that we alphas must suffer and need to grind for a long time just to get 500 plex for over a bil isk

Wow almost as if CCP needs money to function as a business. Be happy you didn’t have to pay to even play the game as you had a few years ago.

Great to be part of something, also PD is kinda good source of some extra ISK still if i only had more luck with those skins XD I never get what i want, even tho i want literally everything. Also shame that Exoplanet’s one shouldn’t stay with us for a bit longer

45% and in 1st place still

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