Can we get back previous PD?

I’ve spent months in Project discovery and I was on 494 level. Only 6 levels from Marshal BP. Now the project is gone! This is so upsetting! No notice! Can we have it back so many of those who were a few steps behind can complete?

2020-05-08 CCP announced they were planning on rolling a new version of Project Discovery soon

Are you seriously requesting that CCP rollback the new Project Discovery for the entire game so that one person can complete the old one that has been around for three years?

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It is a scripted application with a filename, they could easily run it for the few legacy left if they gave a whit. This is software, not legions of bureaucratic administrators laboriously clearing their desks all for one peon.

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Pretty sure some people with lvl above 490 got Marshal through GM petition.

It’s a slippery thing though. Wherever you draw the line, there will always be someone one level below it.

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The usual kneejerk crap response from you Brisc. There are lots of players annoyed with this change and the way it was done, you only have to look round the forums for a few minutes to see what the complaints are.

I’m not going to argue the reasoning with you cos I have better things to do frankly and I know you’ll just plant your feet and not listen … as per SOP.

They are just that - complaints.

The old PD was around for three years. Everybody had ample time to complete it if they wanted to. Seriously, you guys will complain about just about everything. There is always going to be somebody who didn’t get a chance to finish something when times runs out. It’s inevitable. You don’t hold the entire game hostage so the last guy to get around to doing something gets to finish it. That’s nuts.

I tend to have a knee-jerk responses when I see things that are whiningly selfish. Sorry.

Here’s your mistake - I always listen. Just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I’m not listening.


You don’t see everybody else’s hanger when you log in, nor do you see everybody else’s market items, etc. Can’t begin to imagine why one should have to see everybody else’s specific Discovery application.
If the Discovery in-game program was actually doing real science rather than performing as a politically-correct marketing ploy, then just maybe some kind of coherency in program reporting would be called for in the form of a single app.
But that’s not the case. Anybody over 250 points, halfway, shows more than reasonable intent, and with minor consideration they could have continued to the end. Or, anybody could have an on-going choice of the current and last 2 Discovery programs, it’s just an in-game issue after all. I preferred the last one as less mouse-clicks so much easier on the tendons.
But point is, there is no either/or about it other than the measure of CCP’s feelings for user consideration.

My two cents on the case is that it would be nice if we could get all versions of the program running in paralel.

Someone liked the cell thing? sure thing have a go,
Someone prefered exoplanets? here, an option as well
Do You want to contribute to new fancy and totally hot right now science of cytometry for current big world issue? we’ve got you covered!

This would also reduce complaints from people who don’t like loosing progress on the last one, or just liked previous one better. Instead of overriding old program discover they would just be slapping another panel to the choice selection of what science you want to contribute today.

Question is how feasible for CCP is to replug thingies to allow for such choice selection window and mantaining forwarding the data from increasing amounts of programms to relevant places.

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