Project Discovery daily cap bug?

I’ve read online that the daily submission limit should be 200 samples for Omega players but I’m sure that i can submit far less! I counted them today and I barely reached the 90 count.
Am I missing something?

There are dozens of bugs withing PD.

  • limit is not increased if you login as alpha and activate omega later
  • sometimes you get the limit message after sending second or even first sample, I think it is related to other toon on the same account already reaching limit, but I think it happened to me even on an account where I didn’t do PD that day at all (but just one toon, others were allowed to send samples)

Also, the limit you mention doesn’t apply anymore for lower levels. I remember I was able to do like 10 levels in one day in past. Now you do 2 levels and you are at limit. I believe there was some balance changes. You also need much more skiil points to progress further than before. Not that they weren’t needed. The Pacifier bpc is way too easy to get compared to Enforcer for example.

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Thank you for the kind reply. It would be nice to have an official statement from the staff, just to know exactly how things are meant to function.

I activated my Omega account before Christmas.

Maybe better to ask in a support ticket then.

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Then you are asking at wrong place. You will never get official statement on anything here.

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