Project Discovery payout out less for me and ends sooner

Project Discovery is giving me less ISK rewards and halting my progress sooner on the 24 hour stoppage. I only made 450K ISK when I usually make 4+ M ISK in a single day’s session. Someone else in help chat said they made over 4 M no problem today and they looked at their Wallet to verify. Plus PD barely put me over the level 3 mark before it froze me out for 24 hours.

Did your Omega lapse and are you Alpha again?

That could explain why your project discovery progress is halted sooner: Alpha characters can do fewer daily project discovery submissions.

If that’s the reason then best to redeem the free 7 days Omega from the NES ASAP as it will be pulled soon (don’t know exactly when but it was available today before DT but not sure how long it will stay) and sub / PLEX on top of that (though I guess it works the other way around as well).

Just saying if it lapsed then definitely didn’t activate the free Omega offer yet and it would be a waste not utilizing it. :wink:

The 7 day Omega offer expires tomorrow.

Yes, never realized Alpha got less for Project Discovery. I’ve been playing as an Alpha for so long that just doesn’t make sense.

It does make sense that Alphas are limited though. Alpha characters are limited in many things for two main reasons:

  1. To make sure that players aspire Omega no matter their choice of gameplay
  2. To limit the impact of free alpha characters on the economy

The reason alphas are limited in PD is probably reason 2. People would be able to bot it too easily on throwaway accounts otherwise.

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