Project Discovery 'Puzzles per Day'

I began a new Alpha account in order to continue Project Discovery BPC rewards as my 3 main toons maxed out for other than rank/isk.

The new Alphas are getting markedly less than the expected 300 puzzles per day that my older Omega and Alpha toons receive, on the order of 4.5 levels per day only. Have only tested with one new Alpha, and then one ‘test’ Alpha so far; the 2-day old Alpha maxed at early level 11, the test Alpha began this morning maxed at 4.5, so no tests older than that yet.

I doubt that even combined their puzzle count exceeds 30 - 50; but I did not count them as I should have – with puzzle-count between early levels less than the later ones.

Has anybody else run into this, ie is there a recent game adjustment, or is it possibly a bug? I find no mention in forums or announcements, nor have I seen any complaints in any monitored chats. I have assumed that the puzzle solve rate cap to be due botting of the Project Discovery game, and am of course concerned that there is a new daily puzzle max which perhaps due grandfathering is not affecting my older toons.

Thanks for any input.

OMG, there is a daily max? I think I did 20 in one day and I thought that was a lot.

Ok, thanks for the reply Xeux. I’d hoped it might have been a recent 20, but when I checked your toon’s age, I suspect not.

If you’re up to a new Alpha (esp. with a new ‘test’ account) to try to get more than 30 puzzles in a session, I’d like to hear how it worked out as it well tell the difference between a ticket and a recent change by CCP.

I do know it is not a big deal in the scheme of things to most, but too much tremor in hands to pvp, almost too much to do discovery to tell the truth, but right now when it’s working, I can make a pretty good income doing discovery while mining, and wanted to keep it up. But if the option’s gone, be neat to find out now rather than after more wasted time.

So, again, any inputs appreciated, thanks.

I’m not quite sure what you are looking for. I just logged in and did 30 rounds (I went from rank 25 to rank 26). There was no sign of running out of patterns to look at.

Thanks, we are looking at same. My older toons can do 300 rounds, the newest alpha, only 30, then that’s it for the day, have tried it with separate new and old several times and it’s consistent.
Would not have come up but with production down due less mining, and construction block prices through the floor, was looking for alternate income. I will make one more new account just to compare, thanks for doing the 30, I appreciate it is both boring and pays little, until accuracy rate up in the high 90s where it starts hitting around 100k a puzzle.

I disagree with some of their official answers. I don’t think I will ever get to the high 90s. The alt I did it on was from June of 2019, but is an Omega.

Yes, some of their ‘correct’ analysis interpretations are flat wrong, and there’s no way to correct them. Neck gets tight when I think of all the wrong answers I have had to memorize in order to adhere to the party-line.

I made another Alpha account in the past half hour and ran another toon, After 30 screens it was done for the day, so until I hear otherwise am assuming it’s the new ‘standard’ for Alphas at least. Shame, could have used 4B + that run to 500 would have returned via isk, paints, and bpc’s.

Have a good season.

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