Project Discovery max points

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What is the maximum points per submission for the project? I’m on 89 at the moment and am wondering if it gets any higher?


Sounds about right.


Nope, 89 is max.

The max ISK payout per day is about 10mil.

I usually get 3 skins per day too (rarely have the ships to use them and there’s no market for them).

Like all eve pve, project discovery was botted to hell.

CCP shamelessly applaued their work without ever publishing the horrific bot problem they have in all customer portals including PD.

The citizen science is thus worthless without honesty about its integrity. If anyone has a published admission please link, I’ll change my attitude to PD.

On an Omega account with an accuracy rating of 99%, you can submit 200 samples a day. That means you can earn 19,800,000 isk per character, per day. That also means you can level up 6.3 times per character, per day.

Thus assuming someone had 99% accuracy from day one, (not possible, everyone starts at 50%), it would take at least 80 days to earn the Marshal blueprint by completing the maximum amount of submissions a day on an Omega account.

It would take at least 104 days to get the Marshal skin and by that time you would have earned at least 2,059,200,000 isk from Project Discovery alone.

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You also need 1 million skill points for leveling up 25 levels. Therefore you need at least 20 million SPs for the Marshal and 26 million SPs for the skin.

(At least up to level 200 - still testing.)

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Yep 99%

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