Project Discovery Limit?

Ok I don’t know if I read it right but the other day I was doing PD and a pop-up told me I had reached my limit for the day.
I’ve seen no mention elsewhere of their being limits to the number of slides one can do per day.
I was multitasking at the time so maybe I read it wrong, and maybe it said the double XP limit had been reached for the day?

CCP may or may not have put a limit on how many times you can complete a sample, this is probably to prevent BOTs to abuse PD as a way to earn ISK (getting free BPCs and selling them).

Bit programs for pd? Jeez botting has become really advanced.

It’s just a simple matter of identifying the Test Samples and have the solution for them, the rest of the samples can just be “No Transit” and it will be accepted as “right” answer.

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I get this too, Just close EVE and open it back up and you can keep on going.

Huh. Try my situation, when PD recieve me new sample in 3-4 minutes. Everytime, Carl!) Support can’t fix that. But sometimes in Friday 14:00 Eve Time (it’s not usually, last time were on Tuesday…) i recieve a new sample immidiateley like other players.

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