Project Discovery Same slide several times in a row

My time on Project Discovery is nowhere near where it used to be, but I’m trying to knock out levels every now and then.
I noticed recently when I was doing PD that I would get the same slide back to back.
In one case I had the same slide pop up 8 times in a row!!!
I still get the same isk/exp for doing the slide as I would were they different, but I’m sure this is not how it was intended to be.

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Been going on for a week +.
You know, after a hard day, you sit down and have a drink or two, fly some ships,and I usually finish with PD.
Started to have a “Groundhog Day” experience as every sample appeared similar to one I had seen recently, then I had 5 in a row of the same one. Started laughing.

Well, for a short time I can be as quick as you doing the samples. Still trying for that Marshal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Go Go Marshal!

I wish they had rewards past level 500. Some of us went way above and beyond.
Heck, I’d be happy if it just started over at level 501

Yes the marshall skinn should be created , it feels like there is a void …

Confirmed, had several series of the same graphs 4-5 times in a row. Easy to deal with for us, but hardly helpful to the research team in Switzerland.

p.s. did anyone file a bug report ?

I suppose I should do that… >.>

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