Project Discovery

I can’t even get passed the tutorials. I’ve tried it six times and it’s just getting through to me. Sure, the obvious dips are there, but when I get what looks like a ton of garbage (like a radio channel that only gets static.) I did so poorly in the last project discovery that I wasn’t even allowed to play anymore.

What’s a pilot to do?

Right click and “remove icon from taskbar”, then ignore it completely.

I think I’m going to do that. All I ended up doing was destroying a mouse over a 45% failure rate. It is so frustrating that it’s not even worth playing.

The number of Exoplanets Hunter skins showing up on the market indicates that some people are good at it. I’m not one of them but I’m good enough at other aspects of the game that I can afford to buy the skins I want. Adam Smith would approve!

I am currently at 99% and lvl 200, taking it casually now since I got the Pacifier and Enforcer.

The trick is, at the start you will obviously not become a pro even with the tutorials, just keep on trucking and trust your guts, because these things are almost impossible for the human eye when they’re not obvious. I can comfortably maintain my % and take less than 15 seconds on each result

Hell, I had times when I thought the dip was the transit, but for some reason it was wrong and it was where there was no dip at all a few inches to the side!

Just keep going, watch how they behave and eventually you will understand the pattern, sometimes its easy to understand which one is a test or not, because the dips, as obvious or not, they will be there, and even with just 1 transit marked case you’re not sure just go for it, at least it won’t punish you as hard if you get a few of them right, you can always Skip some by pressing the X button and opening again case you are really not sure about it.

Pretty sure this guy can give you tips about it better than me tho.

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I’m sorry, but why grind keep on trucking an activity that you dislike? This is a game, you’re supposed to do the things that are fun not the things that are frustrating, or work.

Well in my eyes he simply got frustrated because he could not figure it out, but I do agree with you, if you do not like the activity then do not do it. Since he asked “What’s a pilot to do” I thought I’d reply with possible answers to clear it out.

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i just reached lvl 50 with 90% accuracy rate, i’ve already built the pacifier and it is now my best collectible (well, only collectible lmao, other than bodies i steal from other peoples kills)

How are you at other pattern recognition tasks? If you do well on those, maybe it’s because the tutorial isn’t as helpful as it could be.

Here’s what I do when there isn’t an obvious pattern.

  1. Find the most likely “V” shaped candidate.
  2. Start sliding out the repeated transit vertical lines to the next likely candidate.
  3. If the other vertical lines line up with troughs, you’ve likely found something.
  4. Turn on the Detrend.
  5. Hit the Fold button.
  6. If you see something resembling a trough, but isn’t spot on, try dragging the folded window background slowly to the left or right to see if that clears it up. Click on the center of the trough.
  7. Hit the Divide button. See if the additional new period vertical lines correspond with troughs. Continue until they do not correspond with troughs. The back up by hitting the multiply. Hit confirm.
  8. If you don’t have at least three transits in the 30 day period, then just go with the single transit if it looks good, or no transit if it does not.

Keep in mind that you often get some “WTF” analyses from Project Discover. Critiques of my technique or welcome.

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