Project Discovery level 1400 @ 99%

Project Discovery Level 1400 at 99% accuracy.


Jesus christ
IF the concord battleship comes out to project discovery, youll probably get it (unless it requires level 2000 or something nuts) although by then you would probs have hit 2k

Level 2000 is a long ways off. No way I’m making it before January or February.
That said if I knew there was a Concord BS in my future I might pick up the pace a little bit lol.

and your secret is? ive yet to try because of hearing about all of the false info the game is giving.

Because the game is doing what where? :confused:

I’m not sure what’s stopping you, we’re all out there playing it, making millions per hours doing so, and I’m not aware of any false info. While I am no Aruar, I too am on 99% accuracy and the boost to your income at that level is not to be sneezed at. Unless you don’t like free ISK, I would stop worrying and start playing.

99% is pretty easy to get

No secret to it, you just pay attention to what you’re doing from the start and once you get the hang of it it just flows naturally, eventually over time you will be able to get correct tests and do them in 3 seconds.

Gratz for the whoopin 1400!

I wonder if someone should tell him that once you reach level 1500, CCP starts counting down back to zero?

Congrats and keep those grades up!

If someone develop some bot to this we can solve 2 problems in one go :grin:

Dude you trolled me by skipping 1300! :smiley:

I would never do such a thing

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