Project Discovery Level 1300 at 99% accuracy

Project Discovery level 1300 at 99% accuracy


You better be getting all As at college, otherwise I’m going to be real upset with how you are spending your time. :wink:

And I thought that I had plenty of time on my hands ^^

Midterms just came out and My grades are as follows:
Marketing 101 : 92 (A)
Accounting 101: 100(A)
Management: 95.5(A)
Freshman S.: 100 (A)

So all A’s for now lol

Do you plan to stop at some point or just go on until you get tired of it?

Maybe you should start trading and who knows with all those A’s you might actually teach us a thing or two. :wink:

You just keep on trucking, Dayum, no wonder you get good grades you’re dedicated at what you do!

Keep it up man!

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Oh no, be careful with that mate.

Well I’m in school to be an accountant so I need to keep that up lol

Dude, your eyes are crossed. May want to take a break (from spamming GD, at least).

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