Project Discovery (Flow Cytometry) Level 1000 @99%

Just wanted to pat my own back here. Achieved Level 650 today:


Gratz and good job, you definitely got some persistence.

By the way, you could have just posted this in your other thread and just edited the thread title.

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Ah sorry, I forgot I posted that one!

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New milestone today… 2 million experience points :slight_smile:


63% accuracy though. You’re speeding through it and it affects your quality. I’m not as far along but I’m the 90% range. If we’re talking help for science don’t you think accuracy matters more than points?

Well, you might be. But I feel I speak for the majority when I say we’re in it for the swag. Not the research.

I speed through this as fast as it will let me. After at least five characters to level 500 with another five coming up within the next month or so, I know with barely a glance which screens I need to pay a little bit of attention to to keep my 99%.

Yeah, I’ll take my 70 billion worth of Marshals over helping some dweeb collect data for his thesis. These guys should know better than to think gamers care about anything but themselves.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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If that’s the way you want to think about gamers I guess you don’t like yourself very much.

I think you will find 99% accuracy, that’s just the accuracy on that sample when I achieved that milestone. The accuracy is 99% as you can see from the top of the image (centre).


Made a video of this achievement.

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Gratz on sticking with it and thanks for sharing.


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Level 1000 achieved today. Revered Cytometrist. 99% overall accuracy.


Good work! Try 2000! :wink:

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Getting there… slowly, ever more slowly :smiley:

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