Project Discovery Level 1500 @ 99% Accuracy

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So… CCP and scientists… what exactly is the point of this citizen science project? We are supposedly helping COVID research but there is no science papers written, no science output? Why exactly are we doing this project at all? Why the silence? Why no outputs? Is this complete research project flawed and is actually doing nothing?

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To be honest 99% accuracy isn’t any impressive achievement. Anyone gets there without any effort it seems, you don’t even need to score 90%+ on the “test” samples to get it and neither you need to score 90ˇ%+ to maintain it. Your video shows it clearly when you scored 49% and the accuracy didn’t change even a one bit.

Level 1500 is admirable though. I do this while ganking or jumping gates to kill boredom this game offers, but I am not able to do it for a long time without breaks. Either I get some hard blurry sample or the one which is super dense and there are multiple cells to be separated so I give up. Or I just lose patience. So kudos to that, are you the rank no. 1? Why there is no ladder?

And yeah I doubt this is (going to) be used for anything real. Were the previous PD actually used to get anything either?

Whilst your point on the accuracy rating is kind of true. It is also possible to drop accuracy but you have to fail at least 2 or 3 times in a row for the accuracy value to drop.

The previous PD (exoplanets) indeed discovered several unknown exoplanets and a peer-reviewed research paper was published in the scientific press by the university of Geneva…

The first Project Discovery I did not take part it, it was before my time in EVE.

So in comparison to that… this is imo a failure. The lack of any progress or reports or any research output and silence of that fact says this to me. Apparently we have done hundreds of years of classification of gating these samples saving them time, but was it for any good?


Not for the players. And from this players perspective, my 20 plus characters at level 500 thank CCP/PA for the easy 150,000,000,000+ ISKies.

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