Project Discovery - Flow Cytometry - Level 1300 Achieved (99% Accuracy)

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Covid-19 Flow cytometry level 1300 achieved. CCP + Scientists… PLZ PLZ PLZ Tell me where the Peer-reviewed papers are from the output of this project. Don’t you think there has been ample time, data and analysis performed to have at least some scientific output?

All I seem to be doing is copying the same “accepted” gated samples each time over and over ad-infinitum.

Or was this project an epic waste of time?

Have a video as proof (freshly achieved today):

Basically, what I’m asking for is please gief the research papers already? Isn’t the Pandemic almost coming to an end ? (I.e. we are living with it now instead of scrabbling about for a cure, we have multiple vaccines now).

Did this project actually produce any research outputs that are of any use (other than purely acedemic??)


no, it did not. You have wasted your time. RIP


:sadparrot: Possibly

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:rofl: Yea, lol

:sweat_smile: Ask the Chinese, they have all the data… if they kept it and didn’t shred it in a government basement.

At least you got isk for it :grin:


The sheer amount of botting that went on in all PD projects means any data output was likely worthless or worse.

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We had that CCP presentation on twitch along with the project leads and investigators, and even the developer that quickly created the flow cytometry program.

They promised stuff, stuff never happened. Stuff got forgotten about. What is the situation CCP?

IIRC, the data provided by PD for flow cytometry reportedly ends up in a medical hospital in London iirc, where it is training an AI program to do the same task.

How much of this is true and how much of it is actually helping anyone…

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I’d suggest 95% ■■■■■■■■, but I do believe that CCP would have no hesitation in representing users that they know are bots as actual real people for their own enrichment to the detraction of any other partner or user.

  1. They did this prior to the PA buy out to inflate price with artificial player counts by pulling back on bot bans, PA should have known better so I have little sympathy if they mis-valued the EVE player counts.

  2. Hilmar got up on stage and advertised CCP as having over a million unique users with no line about the massive amount of botting they allow, pretty shady.

  3. CCP were self cheering themselves with PD numbers & yet again no paragraph regarding the sheer am amount of botting that went on, reprehensible as this could actually end up killing people.

It’s earned me 17 Marshal BPs so far, so I’m going to say no.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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