Jaxan's Project Discovery Guide

When the current Flow Cytometry Project Discovery came out in 2020, I uploaded a guide on how to participate in it.

Jaxan’s Project Discovery Guide

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I was hoping you explain why you demarcated the areas the way you did on that cell image with 3 different yellow clusters, but you didn’t. That makes your tutorial absolutely useless and your comparison with galaxy map is like wtf?

Project Discovery has its own tutorial, it says and explains everything you said in your video and better. You didn’t add anything more than the basic tutorial omitted. Unfortunately game is showing us the golden standard only for the basic images with one “color” cluster and some dots on bottom. And then they throw at us blurry image with 4 “colored” clusters and don’t tell us if we are doing it right.

Anyone else know how the polygons in image at the video timestamp 4:10 should look like and why? I was submitting this exact one with 4 polygons.

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Can anyone explain to me why it is supposed to be like this? I don’t understand this at all and now I am really not sure I am doing it right the whole time.

I watched one of the Twitch streams CCP had with scientists about this last year. If I recall the scientists basically said, “Its like a comet and you’re isolating the ‘head’ from the ‘tail’ of the comet with your polygons.”

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