Make a bright edges at Project discovery image

There’s PD behaviour [while new seletion polygon drawing] exists about when you click somewhere out of image whole polygon tops already set just disappearing, which can be a good option if you made some mistake drawing it and want to get rid of it, however more frequently it causing much more serious problems - you just losing all of tops already pointed of some complex already almost allocated (i.e. to finish it you have to pin one more top near the image edge after connecting it with first polygon top pinned) selection polygon, that is clearly frustrating.

Most frequently it happening because you just don’t see the image edge and clicking somewhere near it just by guess, most frequently making mistake clicking outside an image that way cancelling whole polygon.
On screenshots provided you can see my tryout (that’s just example of tryout, there’s nothing really to select exactly on that image at that area) of drawing complex polygon near the image right edge, which, after me clicking out of the image when it almost completed, dissappears at full, that is unacceptable for one who make selection, as, I bet, frustrates her/him same much as me:

All that happens mostly because of image edges are just not visible because of have no any contrasted borders (except bottom one, that clearly seen as highlighted by bright [white?] line)

Good to be done if all the PD image edges would be contrasted by i.e. same white line as it already done at PD image bottom edge or [as an option] clicking outside of image would not lead to cancelling currently drawing [but still not finished] selection polygon - finally if you totally don’t like polygon created you can always just delete it by clicking a cross near selection polygon after it’ve being created and… selected.

That will free players who still playing PD from frustration because of “losing” near-the-edges selection polygon, and therefore will will increase the amount of processed data by the players (if to believe it really benefits someone in real life, evidence for which does not exist and many players (including me) have many doubt on it (i.e. here: Project Discovery 99% - #2 by Kimberley_Kuvakei)

P.S. it looks like almost the same (but not much detailed) issue which lead to PD result failure, already raised here 4 years ago ([Project Discovery] Edge detection issues), but that was some kind of totally different PD, but issue was still about ‘detecting image edges’.

The solution is to draw your polygons around the dots, not around the edges of the screen.

In fairness the polygons he is showing are to illustrate the issue. Not indicative of how to do project discovery.

It really is an annoying issue. Not one I’d want dev time spent on given all the other issues.

He’s drawn his illustrative lines all across the edge of the screen.

There is no need to be clicking along the edge of the screen. Follow the dots, those dots cannot be outside the edge of the screen.

There is on many boards. Especially if you are going fast.

I can relate to the issue he is having totally. I just don’t think it’s worthy of dev time

I know the issue, I’ve missclicked a couple of times to two Marshal blueprints, but it really isn’t worth changing.

Easy enough to just stay away from the edge of the screen and just click around the dots instead.

And a trick if you wish to go to the edge without missclicking: you can move the polygon once finished to be more to the edge of the screen.

PD has been going on for two years now. I think it’s a bit late for us to be asking for any changes to it.


Hmm… And Eve online has been going for more then decade now. But you still asking for many changes to it. Why? ))) So dizzy reason of not doing anything about PD, you know )

Fact I didn’t provide clear image where dots are located near the images edges does not mean it never have place. I wouldn’t post it if I would meet it quite frequently that made me not so lazy to at least write all that initial post. Part of the image provided to be observed to understand the issue is only “complex polygon near the image right edge” as I wrote above.

However I never thought thinking about “is issue worth time of DEVS [CCP-staff]” is a real concern of players or CSM. I thought CSM’s goal to care about players’ needs and not about “dev’s time saving”…

i have nothing more to add, except adding of 3 static bright (white?) lines to PD image edges is not time-expensive at all… And no way affects “dev’s time” it’s mostly a task for a [PD] design-team… So… you can sleep well if you are so aware of exactly dev’s time, but still will ask CCP to implement it.

Anyway, thank you for your comments.

I’m not going to ask the Devs for something that I know is a waste of their time. That does not do the community any good, especially given the issues the game is facing right now. Look around you - you think it’s even remotely necessary for CCP is to fix where the white lines go on Project Discovery?

which only means you are bad CSM member for me, as I don’t see any sense to vote for CSM who don’t care about player’s needs but most of all care about and freeing time for CCP-staff’s and their only calmness. Let’s stop talking about what YOU personally care of or not of you are player’s community elected person and start talking about issue itself.
As addition - it’s good you are so straight in what you writing - let people know what you care about most and your priority is not player’s needs at all - it will be useful while next CSM vote iteration.

I absolutely do not understand what you are talking about here.

Done. See walls, war, hypersonic attacking missiles, air defense salvos… Don’t understand what your words above here about.

Yes, I think so.

Did we finish the quiz?

Please force CCP to make 3 bright lines over the PD image. It will be useful for EVE-players who strongly tired of seeing death.

Or, if you prefer acting like this - do nothing. But please - don’t justify your inactivity with lengthy senseless phrases.

Thank you any way.

I’m the only CSM member who has bothered reading what you wrote.

The state of the game right now is pretty bad. People are quitting left and right. Player counts are in the toilet, lowest levels ever recorded. Space is empty, people aren’t doing things they used to do. Company has been running a loss for the last two years, and just had to raise prices.

The game is not in a good position, and it needs some serious new content to keep folks interested.

And you’re wasting my time complaining that I am not taking your request for a new button in the UI to reduce a handful of clicks when I’ve already said I would add it to my list of items for them to look at, or this request for making Project Discovery slightly easier when it’s two years old and we already have a vaccine.

I know that some of this is clearly a language barrier, but if you think we can “force” CCP to do anything, you really should just stop posting.

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Hmm… It’s a very interesting observation!

Didn’t you ever think game’s position is not good last time not because of there’s “not enough content” but because of all of it’s content focused on killing, which many people (including previously regular players) are tired of in irl both compelled to participate or just watch on screen exactly last years?

White lines over an image is not a “UI button” as one as adding task to your short list was not here (probably writing here about another my request [Whole ship fit slot stripping (in between stripping all equipment and unfitting only item) - #14 by A3r]), where actually I told you thank you numerous times.

Vaccine is not much effective as (so frequently used word by help center) intended - it have many shortcomings and not permanent at all [covid is not a flu and even having been ill with it once, some harm to health in the form of residual effects can remain for life, and also be aggravated with each subsequent case of the disease]. Which means there’s quite many work ahead.

I want to believe PD still have valuable irl importance, however for in-gamers it’s not valuable at all (each selection 100k max only reward? this is ridiculously low) and if to add here any PD interface defects {i.e. one described at the current topic} - that will I bet half players who will continue "playing’ it after the first complex polygon they tried to create dissappearance.

At the same time - for me personally - this is the most interesting part of the game. No any other part of the game (from missions, transporting, trading and up to pvp) can boast of non-belonging any degree to the in-game murders - that I personally do not welcome, and therefore not interested to participate in.

I think to increase the game audience is not enough to get hung up on the only old most theme - how to kill, fraud or bully someone [with wrecks, corpses flying around and, as aftermath, many negative sent through the in-game mail/chat] with some much more peaceful content including [despite it old too] PD.

However, sure, that’s only my point of view, you can ignore.

Ok, not force it. Just ask them to )
Who knows will you succeed?
Why not to try?

As I said repeatedly, thank you. [including for clarification about game situation for now I didn’t even know]

No, I have never thought the reason the game is failing now after 20 years is suddenly people want EVE to be less the hardcore PVP game it has always been and instead needs to be more farm simulator.

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Probably that’s because you missed irl last year’s worldwide trends… Which does not tolerate war and all that’s connected to it (i.e. killings/‘bad guys’ heroic stories ending always well, etc.) and that is not limited with news only but widespread at cinema/TV series, socials, vlogs and many other parts of life that affects not only some not much young people but (especially, in fact) affects even (most of) exactly young ones, who is the core of your possible future ‘folks’ playing EVE game… However, if you are so blind to look and follow only for some way perverted interests of “old playing guys” from the past - that’s not a surprise game’s online is crucially failing…

New look and [playing game paths] diversity is your salvation, not a so called ossified [hardcore] “stability” )))

That’s not CS, where whole it’s life only sense is jumping/sitting and shooting headshots - that’s potentially fast-paced world, that clearly will die without any changes.

Sure, you can ignore my point of view, and, that way, look further your “hardcore” game is failing.

Ok, our conversation is already became out of topic. Let’s stop comment anything other here.

So you can try, or you can not try to imporve a game way I initially told here… I will be grateful if you will at least try.

As long as the devs still want eve to be about piracy, and destruction and ganking and scams etc, the csm cannot change their minds. Eve has what other games dont. The folks that want eve come here.

So if such hardcore is a clear vision of devs and not eve-community itself, it’s not a wonder, that:

and there’s no any sense to care about it for CSM, who do it exactly:

and furthermore to pay attention to what exactly a community want including:

to raise online.

The folks can be different - and if you telling about eve-online game like about some local beer factory who produce a beer who nobody pleased with worldwide except locals and you are waiting only them to come - then online won’t raise any way - as "locals’ are already here and obviously limited. And if you want new folks to start coming you obviously have to change the beer receipt to make it pleasant for not only locals but many others, even if some ‘locals’ will stop using the product.

In fact for time we talking about 3 lines here devs could draw already about million of lines manually or billion of lines automated, but we only talking about and argue with CSM about how devs are busy people… What a great pastime!

P.S. Hardcore can still stay, however best for it is to make it available at only some limited spaces, like arenas or some deadly spaces acceleration gates to, where players, who want hardcore consciously moving to to raise their level of adrenaline to highs and not shooting harmless traders/couriers while their ridiculous attempts to earn some ISKs transporting a cargo, risking much more ISK value of a cargo they transporting.

You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

You are not in any way representative of the bulk of the players in this game and you don’t seem willing or capable to notice anything happening outside what you do in the game.

I think you need to stop getting posts you comment personal and take it exactly as it is - productive ideas for implementation - as it clearly seen by players, which I absolutely one of, despite your doubts of it.

Your words:

have no any sense as:

  1. It can be told about anyone’s posts including yours as you, despite you r CSM member, mostly express your personal point of view and not of whole community. Community gives you representative right, but you can’t tell they all supported you )
  2. Forum is open for everyone’s thoughts.

So… Stop it please. And start posting something productive, and not regressive. It looks you are being some way offended by post of only player. It doesn’t look like you “hear the voices of community”. At least exactly that way I see who’s CSM.

As of your notice I’m not:

it is, but have I if I came to the game to play and not to care about something outside it?

I really don’t understand your obvious ill will towards my posts.

And I don’t understand why you can’t take yes for an answer and keep posting.

How did this Project Discovery feedback thread turn into a complaint about how EVE is too hardcore to keep a playerbase?

I mean, EVE is a hardcore full loot competitive MMO with PvP enabled anywhere and has been like that from the start. How can you join that, play a while and then tell everyone else who is enjoying the game – largely because of those hardcore features – that the core of the gameplay is wrong?

Why not play another game if the very basics of this one aren’t to your liking?