Too fast?


I understand that some way of keeping people from just mindlessly klicking is needed for this to make any sense but don’t do it like this - use the accuracy rating and do it to people below 95% or so.
With my accuracy hovering around 99% i find it actually quite insulting that i can’t do project discovery at my own speed.

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Absolutely right but there are already many other threads about it.

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And did the devs say anything about it? Thats a single line of code to fix this the way i proposed… CCPlease?

That’s cute…

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Why don’t you post with the char on the image?
Or why don’t you post the image with your char on?

But its not because you are mindlessly klicking.
He is clear. Their machinery cannot keep up with you! Its actually a compliment. Be glad.


Well, it doesn’t say you’re going too fast…

Think about it. How could we tell if you’re not just a botter whining about this?

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Would suppose the limit is there to enforce an idea they have about how much you can potentially earn doing it. It’s a bit odd that it has to resort to messages instead of being slowed down properly by the animations and such when you submit, but it is what it is. Also, I’m very good at mining, and would like my mining lasers to cycle at a pace that is on my level, but that’s what I have to deal with.

If it was about the earnings they could simply reduce the isk per sample but really compared to other methods of making isk it’s laughable - even compared to mining… Also people who are clickspamming don’t get the accuracy up in the first place and therefore make almost no isk at all.

If there were bots wich could do this kind of stuff accurate there would be no need to have humans do it in the first place. So if i was a botter why would i suggest tieing it to the accuracy level?
I’d acutally love to be able to sell my second and third marshal for 10+ bil due to scarcity and botters in general are disgusting cheaters that should stay away from multiplayer games - simple as that. But with the window closing on me after every couple of samples and having to wait even more before i can start again im not even shure i’ll finish the first one.
Whats worse, i know exactly that those damn cheaters are the reason for this - they have gotten the reward i worked for and CCPs poor fix for the problem came just in time to ruin it for me…

Some people really need to find a problem where none is…:slight_smile:

It’s a pretty big problem though.

Ever since this update I have barely touched project discovery. Because when I do, I get thrown out after a few clicks.


Self made problems of someone who wants them aren’t real…:slight_smile:

You do not make any sense.

I did not create this problem, CCP did. I do not want the problem either, I would prefer continuing to do Project Discovery without getting kicked out all the time.

Balos maybe you are generally a bit slower than others and therefore don’t encounter this problem. Still no reason for the smug talk though…

I make perfect sense in my blame that this is NO real problem … you simply made it one…just keep the pace the game gives and all is good…

Not everything that annoys you has to be changed mr “daddy will do all for me” child…

Live with that simple fact…

Your outrage that this “problem” is not solved the moment you see it is hillarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Any reason if the most logic solution of this “problem” is just to keep the pace the game gives…this is to be expected from an adult person…complaining in the forum is not…

Why are you even on the forums Balos?

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Roger that!