Too fast for Exoplanets?

In the last 1-2 months i am getting increasingly more messages that tell me, i am supposed to be too fast. Is this going to be the end of this version of project discovery or am i “stuck” too long at the 99% accuracy mark?

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I’m constantly getting the same message. I can’t even finish first 10 examples without getting that message. It’s quite annoying :triumph:


There’s only so many bug reports that can be ignored before they have to start talking openly about what CCP see as the problem is with Project Discovery and how it is going to be fixed. The current environment P.D is in isn’t a fix, it just sucks for everyone who enjoys the minigame.

It seems to be a response to the botting that was going on. When it first got introduced there was a huge shift in how many samples people marked a transit on, suggesting it either stopped spam behaviour or actual bots. Since then its crept back towards all samples being very low percentage even with highly obvious transits.

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While I too get the message of ‘going too fast’, it’s helping me to pay a little more attention and getting the last few % from 90-99 instead of rushing them as fast as possible and making some mistakes.

So I guess this new feature, although annoying, will give more accurate results…

I’d be lying if I said that at some point during my PD experiences I just say ■■■■ it and start saying no transit unless I see a VERY clear transit. Then I push my accuracy back up, 30 samples later.

Am I harming the intent of the project? Absolutely. But I’m getting the rewards faster, which is what I personally am interested in.

This countermeasure absolutely slows me down and dis-incentivizes me from doing this; the whole reason I did it was I could ram through 30 or so odd samples in about 30 seconds, at a marginal loss of accuracy. Honestly, I stopped doing PD altogether when the latency became a thing because the time wasn’t worth the reward anymore.

Now it’s the people doing it because they care about their accuracy scores and generally just want to do it.

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Well I do it because of accuracy and because of projec it self. It is cool to know that our gaming can help scientists to find real planets in that vast universe. :blush:

I try to be as fast as possible but with high accuracy and i have 98,5-99% all the time.

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