Please Fix Project Discovery

I’d like to start with… I get it. Some people are “Gaming” Project Discovery. They are hitting “No Transit” for everything but the easiest challenge slides and keeping an accuracy rating in the low to mid 90s. And this was an easy fix for that.
But please, for the love of Bob, some of us actually take this seriously and keep a high accuracy rating and mark up random slides. And we can do it quickly. Which makes this terribly annoying because we’re doing it for the science. Yeah, you get “Some” isk for it. But after you get past level 500, let’s be honest, you’re not making much anymore. The skins are worthless and the Isk/Hr (After you get past the 1 shot prizes) isn’t that much.
Could you make it so if you’re past the last single reward (Currently Marshal BPC) AND you have an accuracy rating of 99 you don’t see that “You’re going too fast” anymore?
That would be much appreciated.

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Again just for you…we had this “discussion” a couple of weeks ago…

It’s in no way broken…
Just use the pace the game gives you and everything is allright…

It’s just you beeing impatient.

Demanding to “fix something” because it does not go as fast as you want it is childish behaviour nothing more…

Play as it is intended and stop demanding crap like this…the devs have better things to do…

It should adjust to the paying players. Not us adjust to this dumb thing. I get this all them time. And then it closes and then I can’t open it. I’ll never get to the Marshal BPC cuz of the incredibly slow speed it is. Time is money.

I am pretty sure this is exactly the complaint botters would have of project discovery.

Since there is what 50 different graded results, once you have those mapped, you really wouldn’t need to look at them anymore since they are the only ones that can effect your grade.

But hey, when you find a result with a huge chasm dip and you map it and get a very low number of people marking it what exactly should you think?

I like the idea of community helping but I wouldn’t trust the communitys feedback if my life depended on it.

You have a bot program I can use and just program the speed I need to stay at to get the marshal? That’d be awesome! I wouldn’t have do do these things anymore. And yea, the speed I see them at now has drastically increased with my 93% accuracy. Some of the smaller transversals I miss but going fast is what brings in the isk.

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