What happened to Project Discovery

I’ve noticed this too.

I’d really like to see CCP nerf those botting PD, rather than punish people who enjoy the minigame. It’s rarely functioned perfectly and to do this without any notice for the change is disappointing for those of us who engage with PD manually.

It is quite annoying. If they want people to slow down then fine. put a timer in. But this was the wrong way to do it.
Also it shouldn’t be a thing if your accuracy is at 99%.

Either way. Dev’s, please fix / undo whatever has been done to PD in the last week.

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There is a way to bot PD.
Because PD you don’t have to actually analyse it, you just have to train your bot to memorise the samples (which are handily colour coded in bright colours for easy recognition in the future), and hit no transit on anything that isn’t a test sample.
So you train your bot to screen match the sample tests and spam the rest with no sample without caring about right or wrong.

People tracked sellers spamming dozens of marshals in unbelievable ways.

The easy fix to that is to replace the challenge slides with new ones every few months.

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Then the bots relearn every few months. They would have to replace the challenge slides on a daily basis to even start to challenge the speed bots can chew through the slides with.

I imagine these bots are being told what the correct answer is first by the player or developer of the bot, not learning them on their own.
so there should be a lag time between new ones coming out, people learning them, people telling the bots what to look for.

I don’t see the point of botting PD. Look at this.

You people still miss the point. You can be doing everything as you usually would, but since monday’s downtime, they have either broken something or made something that is broken.

You all can just go and do dozen or so of the samples in normal fashion and still the game says that you are doing things too fast. You dont have to do things inhumanly fast to encounter this message. And sometimes it happens even after there has been few minutes of real time between the samples.

Saying that this is just because of bots is easy, giving a good explanation is other thing. Fact of the matter is that they messed something up since there has been no official word about any changes made.


I totally agree


This too

I am almost at level 500, and with all this practice there are many graphs I know I can dismiss out of hand. Getting the “You are going too fast” message annoys me tremendously, especially since I do handle those “delicate samples” as they call them with much care. 99% accuracy should be proof enough of this…

If only it would be enough to click the close button to continue - but no, you have to actually open the Project Discovery window anew, and most of the time the same message appears again. I really like contributing, and can understand the need to guarantee quality results, but this is the wrong way to do it.


Follow-up: I even get the “You’re going too fast” message after a successful analysis, so the text saying I should take more care with those delicate samples is definitely worded wrong :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


PD still unplayable, every few seconds breaking down and closes - over and over again.
After that comes a msg up and says that i have to wait a few more seconds, couple seconds later closes and the same msg comes up again.

This is not fun anymore, please fix it.


Still the same problem, Lvl 140 @ 99% and i get the msg over and over, if i have to analyse them even slower, i can fly to the system and look if theres a planet.

I love the minigame but that bot protection or whatever it is is no fun.

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I tried to analyse slower too but it didnt change anything. Its always the same, the first 8-10 levels all good and then starts to breaking down over and over again unaffected from the analyzing speed.

It’s nothing about levels, i get the msg already after four or five pictures, i think it’s just the fact that you and me are to fast solving them and it doesn’t matter if you do it right or fail.

There are a lot of pictures where you can see with some experience that there is no transit and you immediately klick for the next one, and if you do that too fast because there is no transit you get the msg veeeery fast, sadly.

Indeed, you’re right but i still dont understand why is this happening, it was not always like that and if i want to do PD fast then i will do it as fast as i want to.
What are they trying to do? blocking botters or demotivating the players?!

I wasn’t playing PD the last days, maybe two weeks, but before it wasn’t. So i think it came with an regular update.
I think there were bots who maybe solved the stuff. I have no idea about that stuff but i’m “only” level 140 and i often see that “test pictures” where CCP checks how good you are or are you just clicking. I think with even higher level you recognize more of them and for sure you get more experience.

Short story: Experience players solve the stuff (to) fast and still have a high accuracy.

Did someone say Project Discovery isn’t botted?

That’s why I can get a sample with only one big dip and when I mark it and report it, it only has a report rate of like 2%, because it isn’t botted?
Or is it because people only mark up the ones that actually matter?

You can not possibly be doing this legit and not see instances of this over and over.

Honestly the results are worthless since they have been overly tainted by knowing the results to the tenth power. Wait until the scientists see this data where there are obvious marks that never get reported since they aren’t a control sample.

Congrats CCP you just proved research cant be included in a game because people just bot the ■■■■ out of it.

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