Project Discovery timeouts

Why are the timeouts so short for Project Discovery? You can only do 5 samples before it says you are going too fast. I have a 99% rating and would like to be able to continue using this part of the game, but the short timeouts make it very difficult to use.

CCP changed this some time ago, I think it was done in order to combat the Project Discovery bots, not sure.

I had a lot of fun with PD before that change, reached 250. After this change the timeouts broke up my flow every time I tried playing and I have barely played PD since then. Each time I do attempt to play, the game automatically stops me from playing through these timeouts… and I barely got past 251.

Yes, the “timeout” is to combat bots farming PD for ISK and BPs.

Besides the pre-determined samples, you can pretty much just “No Transit” to any other sample, but that defeats the purpose of the PD, which is to help the Science Community identify potential orbital bodies around distant stars.

…and I understand why there is a timeout, but it would be nice to see it lengthened.

Agree; if an A.I. can identify a person by gait ( ) then one can certainly learn to spot a bot by now. I do understand that it’s always not only easier but also the the first response by a certain kind of person to make everybody pay, but I don’t like it and have never approved.
There are a number of companies hitting me with targeted ads on the internet all the time, and I run in ‘Private’ mode with ‘NoScript’ idling on the side – yet they not only know I’m not a bot, they know what I like to read.
How about using one of the tons of A.I. libraries out there to weed out just the bots?

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